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    PJ what's my options for a bagger on my 23/52 Mini Z?? I was looking for a 2 bag you have a part #?? Also my dealer said something about a adapter kit?? That was like another $269?? He quoted me $1299 for the bagger but he did'nt sound to sure he was looking at the right thing. So if you could give me part #'s for everything I would need and possibly MSRP it would be a big help.

    Thanks, Chris
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    For a 2 bag catcher here is your only option currently.

    Kit, BAC-VAC 44" & 52" Mini Z / FasTrak TWO BAG part # 927665 MSRP $649.00
    There is not a adpater kit for this catcher, it comes with teh blower adn everything you need.
    There also may be shipping and install charges.
    The one your dealer is looking up would be for the 48 / 54 inch versions of your deck, which will not work with the 52" deck.


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