Mini Z Blade Motor Problem

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by rock creek, May 21, 2006.

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    Today while I was mowing with my 2002 23/52 Mini Z the blades stopped and would not engage. I checked the belt and it was fine. I checked the cutoff switch on the seat and it worked correctly. I then checked the 10 amp fuse and it had blown. I replaced the fuse but the blades would still not engage. I then inspected the blade motor by lifting the mower and saw that two green wires which exit from the motor at the bottom have apparently burnt through the insulation and shorted out. One of the green wires still protrudes from the motor but the other doesn't. Can this be repaired or will I have to get a new motor? Are you aware of other instances of this problem?

    Rock Creek
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    Its hard to say without seeing it in person, you may be able to salvage it and solder a new set of wires.
    I would get it to the dealer or if your going to do it yourself, get the clutch off and on a bench and get a closer look at it.

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    Check to make sure that your bearing in the clutch is still good. If the bearing fails the clutch will get super hot and the melt the bottom of the clutch. If this is blowing fuses you have some real electricaL PROBLEM.FIXING THE WIRES WILL NOT FIX YOUR PROBLEM.
    Have someone check that works on them.:walking:
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    Thanks for the info theservicingdealer. I took the machine into the dealer and he diagnosed the problem as the wires melting or being pulled out. I myself saw the melted insulation on the wires that were still there so perhaps the bearing had failed and the clutch overheated as you suggest.

    Is this a common problem? I have 250 hours on the machine and, except for this breakdown, I am impressed with the mower. $300 to get a repair at 250 hours is not encouraging but if it is just an isolated occurrence then the luck of the draw went against me as it will from time to time.

    I would appreciate any background info you can provide.

    Rock Creek

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