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Mini Z blades


LawnSite Member
Verplanck, NY
Hi there PJ I was wondering if you could tell me what blades might be available
for my 2006 mini z 42?My dealer says there is only the fusions that came with
the mower,and the mulching blades.Any help would be great and part #s too
also is there going to be a striping kit available in the near future.Thanks John:)


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
Here are your 42" Mini Z blade options, they are the same as the Mini FasTrak (same size blades).

Side discharge 793794 (non Fusion)
Catching 793935 (this is a very high lift blade)
Mulching 794214 (wavy style)
Gator 794230
Side discharge 600901 Fusion (this is the blade that came on your unit from the factory)

We do not have any plans for a stripe kit at this time.