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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by blair smock, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. blair smock

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    Hi guys I guess I am looking for some reassurance here, I was ready to plop down the cash for a mini Z today (19hp Kaw w/ 52 in Deck) I really liked the machine. But for some reason the 19 hp Engine seems like it is to small. This is for commercial use, my first Z, And I have cut a lot of grass to get to this point. For 500.00 more and about another two months worth of cutting I could afford the 23 Kawasaki with the same size deck. It is going to be along time before I can upgrade. I have some hills and quite a few banks to cut. I will be mulching all the time. ANY input appreciated, should I wait or will the 19 be the better way to go? Thanks guys!
  2. shivelyt

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    I have one steep hill I mow with a Fastrak 18/44. The rpm's drop about 400 when ascending the hill. I think I would go for the 23. Also, I think the Kaw's have quite a bit more torque. You might want to checks the spec on that to verify.That extra torque is really the number you want to go by.
  3. shivelyt

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    My curiosity got the best of me. My Honda 18 has 31.8 foot lbs. of torque while the 19 Kaw has 37. Quite a difference. The 19 might be the way to go for the price difference. I also noticed that the 19 and 23 Kaws are the same cubic inch. That seems like a lot of price difference for using the same engine. Just my thoughts. Good luck.
  4. theservicingdealer

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    For your info the 19 horse unit is a detuned 25hp KAwasaki. This is done through out the industry for cost savings. Briggs ,kohler they all do it. The use the same block but change things on the inside and out to get the horsepower. Just like racing. START YOUR ENGINES!!!!

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