Mini Z or WBH

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EngineeredLawns, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. EngineeredLawns

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    If you had the need to do lots of small yards with some gates, would you get a 36" - 40" WBH or some thing like the Scag K Cat 36" Z? Would the mini Z be more productive than the WBH?
  2. mini14

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    hands down a sit down hydro will be more productive, i have a 52 z master, a lesco hydro with velke, 2 36" ferris wb's 1 48" bunton all with 2 wheel velkes. the z master will run circles around any wb hydro or not. not for nothing, i wouldnt waste any money on a wb hydro, if u gonna stand, get a belt drive and save some $$$$$ a 36'' hydro wb is not called for...ive been doen this for 20 years and have bought, used it all.only reason i bought the lesco hydro is it had 55 hours and came with catcher and lesco velke for $1500. cheaper then any new 48 i could find...its my back up mower if my z ever has any down time.sitten and loven it for 7 years now, couldnt ever imagen standing. i think i would have to sell out.

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