Mini Z vs. Gravely PM 152Z

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  1. rott_dobe

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    I understand I'm asking this question in a Hustler forum, so go ahead and give me your sales!

    I'm trying to compare the Mini Z to Gravely's PM152Z. I haven't demo'd either product yet, but do understand the importance of demoing prior to spending my hard earned money.

    My question is how do these two machines compare? On paper, they look similar...same engine, similar decks, both appear to be built like tanks.

    This machine will be used to cut my residential 1.8 acres. The land is a little rough in spots. I'm guessing I will have to pay for the suspension seat on either model I choose. I'm looking at these (and other similar machines) because I want quality and durability. I don't plan on having to buy another mower for a LONG 20-30 that a realistic goal?

    Also, as far as replacement costs, can you tell me what it would cost if I had a spindle go bad to replace the parts? I'm trying to find out that piece of information also for different manufacturers to make sure I don't end up buying the one machine out there that the parts are 20 times the cost of every other machine!

    Thanks for the help!
  2. mowerconsultant

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    I am not familiar with that model of Gravely.
    I will do some research tomorrow and post tomorrow night with some good info.

  3. theservicingdealer

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    The one gravley unit I have gone head to head with the major differnece was the steering. The gravley was much more agressive and much harder to control. They are both built simailiar.I think you will find the hustller shines on hills. The hustler steering brake combo is also a better set upthen the gravley set up. The cust that test gravley and the hustler at our dealership bought the hustler becuse his help said it was much more user friendly and much easier to hold a straight line. But this the input my cust gave to us. I hope this may be some help.
  4. mowerconsultant

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    Male, from Syracuse, NY
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    I was actually by mere coincidence in a dealer of ours today that carries both... here are my observations.
    The Hustler has a heavier tractor frame, it also has a lifetime warranty, we also have a heavier fabricated deck, 7 and 10 gage with another spindle plate for almost a 1/2 inch of steel at the spindles, the front leading edge has a lifetime warranty also.
    The Hustler has 12.2 gallons of fuel capacity, compared to 10 on the Gravely.
    Better smoother controls, you will notice this when you drive them both, the Hustler is smoother, and also has the parking brake built into the handles, when you put them out to get off the unit the brake is set.
    The Hustler has a better seat, it has a adjustable back angle and lumbar standard.
    Like you have planned, a demo is your best bet to see what you are comfortable with, I believe the Hustler will win your decision.
    Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.

  5. rott_dobe

    rott_dobe LawnSite Member
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    Thank you very much for the information. When I get to test out the units, I will have to really pay attention to how they drive. Plus I do have a slope to worry about, and that is where the demo is so important in my mind.

    Thanks again. It's fortunate for me that you were at that dealership today (yesterday)!
  6. slapu2

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    Chooper was fast, powerfull, but jerkey in sterring--agressive
    Grav was nice, alittle more user friendly, well built, great Serv.
    Toro, know more about this one in mourn(0n trailer now waiting)
    Hustler, definnetly best handling, soild, smooth

    I liked hustler and grav. best but can;t decide on super or hustler z and or 152z or 252z in gravely. need more input!
  7. theservicingdealer

    theservicingdealer LawnSite Member
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    If money is not an object than the super Z is the best way to go. The super z with the electronic fan cooled trans. cooler is sure to keep thngs much cooler. The larger pumps to get the unbelievable 15 mph speed.A lot of ,y first time buyers will buy a standard z and then trade in in a short period of time for a super z. They see every body elce going so much faster.
    take a look at the deck. Is the gravely any where close to the same heft.Is gravely giving you a life time warrenty on the leading endge of the deck from bending. I dont think so!!!The parking brake set is so natural that you dont even worry about the parking brake. Most others it is a seperate lever.

    How was the Dealer experence?? Are they the same!!??Hustler turf company is not the same as other companies. There is a difference. 40 years of zero turn should mean something!!What I like about hustler turf as a dealer is that they are always looking forward. Fixing problem as needed. Looking for a new product that can help make mowing easier and faster.When problems do come up they are right there to help. Not like some other companies that use the same equipment with the same flaws .To make it look new they put on new stickers and fuel tanks.

    So dont just look at the equipment look at the total picture and then make the right call!!!:)

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