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    What do we all consider the minimum HP that is acceptable for a 66" super z? A local dealer has a 27hp but my gut tells me that will be just on the edge of adequate.

    Will a regular hustler z, with the smaller pumps, lessen the load on the engine and allow you to feal like a smaller engine is more adequate? For instance, a 27 super may be adequate but will a 27 standard z be just right?

    Finally, has anyone herd of fuel usage numbers for the 30 koh?

  2. mowerconsultant

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    I just posted about this in another thread, in regards to hp on deck sizes.
    The 27 will get the job done well on the Hustler Z, but I personally would go with the 28 EFI or the 30 on the Super Z, the added benefits of the Super Z to me, warrant buying it.
    There are many owners on here with the 66 with the EFI and the 30, you will get some good actual end user input.


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    You are on the edge with a 27 horse i am running a 26 on a 52 inch ztr and it has bogged down a few times get the big moter.
  4. puppypaws

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    I have had two 27's on 60" Super Z's and the 28 efi I have now handles the 66" XR-7 better than the 27's did the 60" deck. I would say Hustler should not put anything less than the 28 efi on either the 66" or 72" decks for them to perform up to their engineered capabilities. The difference in production and fuel economy it does not take long to pay the extra money between the efi and the other engine options.
  5. MJB

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    I just ordered my 1st Hustler after owning Walker, GHopper, Exmark, & Scag.
    I took a month and demoed everything I could get my hands on , and the 66" Hustler Super Z XR7 wins in my book. I demoed the 26L/C Kawi but decided on the 30HP Kohler due to price, and torque, and everyone in town works on Kohlers, but No one here works on EFI Kohlers. So I saved a $900 over the efi engine my fuel mileage might suffer but in the end the 28 EFI probably would not last a day longer than the 30 HP Kohler. Am I wrong? Anyway I mulch and needed power so I'm anxiuosly waiting delivery. :walking:
  6. mowerconsultant

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    You made a great choice and I wouldnt think twice about it.
    With your situation of no one able to work on EFI's (if its needed) your choice of going with the 30 was a good educated one.

  7. puppypaws

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    PJ why does Hustler have so many dealers or so called dealers that cannot work on the efi engines, are they just scared of them or want take the initiative to learn what little bit of knowledge it takes to service them. I think if Hustler is going to sell the efi's which is the best technology out at this time or it would not be on all of our vehicles then they should require every dealer to have one person qualified to handle these engines. These engines are giving no problems anyway, my dealer said he had probably sold 65 or so and the only problem he had seen was stuck check valves on 3 machines and the electronic module went out on 4 machines which they had already changed to a new designed module before this even happened. Since these changes they had all been trouble free and he told me he has had only one 30 hp Kohler on a Super Z and he personally ran it himself and told me the 27's felt as strong to him as the 30 did so he let another dealer have that mower. He said the 28 efi was so much better he was not even interested in selling the 30's unless someone just had to have one and he would try his best to talk them into the 28 efi instead because it was a superior engine in every way.
  8. CutApproved

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    Nice post, too bad they are even making these bigger decks with the 27hp
    Seems like you need at least a 28EFI or 30hp anything less you have the rpms dropping on you.

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