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Minimum PSI for a homeowner

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Orrdc, May 2, 2012.

  1. Bergman Pressure Cleaning

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    FROM: [URL="http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/"]http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/[/url]
    I have been in this business here in Florida since 1989.
    Most of my customers have already thrown their money away on these little machines, only to still need me to do the job right. I honestly believe anything under 3000 psi and 4 gpm is a waste of money. To compare, my work machine is 18 hp, 3500 psi and 5.6 gpm.
    My advice, spend the $999.00 at Home Depot for a 13 hp 4 gpm machine or save your money to pay a professional pressure cleaner.
    As Doug Rucker said, you need to run these regularly or your unloader / chemical injectors with not function, in a short time and are not cheap repairs!

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