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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Grn Mtn, Sep 2, 2007.

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    there is only one website needed. The boxer website. My opinion is, not thing out there can touch its capacity. It is able to carry 1,000lbs trough a 36" gate.
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    so can a dingo tx420......................

    we demo'd the boxer quite a bit when we decided ( also the ditchwitch)...

    the boxer was a nice unit, but it had some major the beginning of this post to find out....

    springy platform, too many switches to go bad, hot motor inches away from your shins, SUPER aggressive lugs that shred turf when you turn,
    and the inability to make gradual turns when in high ( the same travel speed as all the other manufacturers).....good unit, but depending on what you want..... mabey not the best
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    Grn mtn - thanks for the info - I posted these on the other thread before I saw this one . has a neat demolition attachment - I asked for more info and the guy called me the next day . has a complete line of mini attachments , has the Tazmanian Slasher and has a nice attachment for moving and placing stones, etc. The demo-dozer that you listed really looks good - how much was it ?

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