Minneapolis Area -Get burned subbing out your fert biz?

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by big acres, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. big acres

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    Our LCO used to sub-out our fertilizer and pesticide work until we got burned by sloppy workmanship, mainly people who wanted to run bigger equipment with booms and ignore the details like around patios -where the complaints originate. Then we started a new division to cater specifically to LCOs. We do not chase residential business, and prefer to communicate daily with our wholesale customers to avoid scheduling conflicts with mowing crews.

    If you have been burned this way, pm me. We service the nine-county Minneapolis-St. paul metro area.
  2. zimmatic

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    Can you explain this more. I opperate also in the twin cities, and I am interested in learning more.
  3. big acres

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    Zimmatic -Two owners of LCO's once subcontracted out their fert biz to a large fert co. This company was unable to keep up qaulity in general, and the main problem was that they did not pay attention to the detail areas where complaints originate -like off the patios and around the buildings. Both LCOs have higher-end townhomes as customers, one LCO actualy lost a good customer over turf qaulity. Another problem was that it took nearly three days to find out when one of our properties was serviced, which made us look like stupid in the eyes of property managers.

    So, they started a company together -specifically to do service for LCOs. We do not chase retail residential customers, but want to work directly with LCOs to get your properties done without stepping on your mowing crews, provide you with the information you need when you need it, and make the turf look so good that your customers won't have any need to question.

    PS. The LCOs that own this company will not go after your customers and with over 30 years combined experience we can offer some good networking opportunities. PM me if you are interested -and have a great day.

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