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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RX7, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. RX7

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    What brands of equipment are you guys using in the Twin Cities area? What are the best dealers around the metroplex? I am moving my LCO from Texas to Minnesota. I have lived in MN before, but I never had a LCO there. How long is the mowing season there and how often do you get rained out? If there is any other piece of info that you think might be helpful for me with my business move, please enlighten me. Thanks a lot guys. I look forward to putting you out of biz. J/K lol Good Luck with everyone's LCO. :) RX7
  2. Yardworks

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    Welcome to the Twin Cities. I live just across the border in Wisconsin, but it has basically become a suburb of the Minneapolis/St. Paul. I run mostly Exmarks and deal with Gerlach Service in Hastings. I only have good things to say about them. I usually figure the lawn season at 7 months @ 25-30 cuts. The snow removal season at 5 month (21-25) plowable events. I am sure 21-25 plowable events is higher then most in my area, but all my accounts get snow removed for any amount. I would really look into doing snow removal also if you are going to mow up here. 5 months is a long period of down time. Good luck.
  3. RX7

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    Thanks for the info Yardworks. Do you have any advice on where to look for plowing equipment in the Twin Cities area? Good luck with your biz!
  4. Wesley's Lawn

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    Hey welcome to minn. alot of guys around here run exmark, scag, toro and walker. For snowremovel equip Boss plows and Leo (made in st. paul) are good.
  5. Esby

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    We strickly run Exmarks . I dont think I would ever switch to another brand, and if I did there would have to be a dang good reason. I deal with Paul's Small Engines in Alexandria, which is about 170 miles west of the Twin Cities on I-94. They are the BEST!
  6. lawncare3

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    I use a snapper but, most lco's around here use greatdane supersurfer or wright stander. also exmark is used a lot but it's too much out of my price range.:D
    welcome and have good success.
  7. Yardworks

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    It depends what kind of plow you are planning on getting. I have mostly Boss v-plows and the best price I could find was at the Ellsworth (Wis) Ford dealer. I assembled and installed the plows to save a little extra money. I'm sure there are many places closer to the cities that handle what ever brand/type of plow you want. Good luck.
  8. RX7

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    Thanks guys. :D
  9. ranger520

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    Welcome to the cities, here in the cities I would say that Toro is what most are running especially in W/B's. The main reason for this is, is that Toros are made here in the cities so there seems to be alot of loyalty. You also see tons of Exmark Lazer Z's, but then again they are a Toro product. I myself am looking at a Walker because I do a ton of small residential and also the amount of clean-up work here really justifies a mower made for bagging not one that is a after thought when it comes to bagging.


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