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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by casey humphrey, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. casey humphrey

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    what is up with the dot these days ??? i recenly bought a 5*10 trailer with a gate and its brand spankn new from the dealer and i heard through the grape vine that the trailer needs brakes and a dot sticker and a break away box and all this stuff otherwise you get a fined and pulled over and embarrassed by the guy in the maroon blazer (commercial vehicle trooper) i am the small guy trying to get mainstream in the biz!! is it do to the hoopty trailers i have seen in my day ??? and the crap they pull with like a 76 chevy truck with the fenders falln off :laugh:and the fenders on the trailer bungy corded up to hold them in place? :laugh: i was a truck driver for 6 years so i had to deal with these people all the time. what are peoples thoughts on this subject ?? what is DOT like in other states ????:usflag:
  2. greenbaylawns

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    Nebraska has to be over 10,000 lbs Truck and trailer. We have a 98 f 150, 5x10 trailer with a 36 and a lazer ct 48, a push mower in the truck, weedeater, blower, and 2 - 2.5 gas cans. Just under the weight limit.
  3. casey humphrey

    casey humphrey LawnSite Member
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    i use 05 ford ranger as pulling rig the whole trailer load is just under 700 pulls really good i have the big six and its a 5 speed
  4. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    If your gvw of the truck and trailer are over 10,100 you have to get DOT. But with your setup you should be under that. That 10,100 is just what is on the stickers not the total weight of what you will be hauling.

  5. casey humphrey

    casey humphrey LawnSite Member
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    just another way for the state to take your money :laugh:
    dam politicians :laugh:
  6. dougaustreim

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    We are located in SD but travel into Minn up to the cities etc for supplies or to work on my daughters' houses etc. Let me tell you the MN DOT has always been more lenient with us than SD The one exception is right around Shakopee, they seem to be a little tougher there.
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  7. Tinkerer

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    You are also a target if you have a business name on your truck, trailer or equipment. Another lawn guy in town was on the way to the next lawn when he got pulled over. D.O.T. officer told him to follow him. They ended up in a school parking lot where he had to wait in line with a bunch of other commercial trucks to get inspected. The DOT trucks were rounding up commercial trucks for inspection without seeing anything on them that was wrong. It ended up that the emergency break away on his brand new trailer was not working. He got a fine and had to leave the trailer there until it was fixed or else get a $10,000 fine. Or else he could have gotten a tow truck to tow the trailer away. He lost over half a day to this BS. Theres a rectum born every minute.
  8. PerfectEarth

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    The best thing you can do is take 20 minutes and call your State Police or Vehicle Enforcement. There will be someone whow will be happy to answer your questions. Yes, a lot of this stuff is a total pain in the butt but if you're over a certain weight limit (ON THE MANUFACTURERS LABEL, not "what you're pulling) you must comply with DOT rules and regs.

    The fines will make you wish you made the call. Cost to comply is not bad- it's the time to figure it all out is what sucks. Personally, it pisses me off seeing guys roll down the road who are not in compliance- and they are my competiton, trying to get away with not playing by the rules or not even wanting to know the rules.

    The bottom line is safety. There are so many different truck/trailer configurations on the road that DOT cannot possibly create exceptions to every rule. The have to just set the rules and that's the way it is.

    (oh, and be NICE if you get pulled!!)
  9. d&rlawncare

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    Very well said. some will even meet up with you and look over your set-up and tell you what you need.
  10. packey

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    Hey I sat down with a I say down with a dot officer last sunday and had him explain everything in colorado to me. the national law states combined gvwr of truck and trailer is to not exceed 10002 lbs. if it exceeds you need to have a dotnumber and be incompliance. It also states that if your trailer is a single axle and is under a 3000 lbs weight rating and your combined gvwr is not over 10001 then you do not need to have trailer breaks. the key is the combined gvwr. you find this on the pilar of your truck door and on the manufactures tag of the trailer. so if you have a truck with a 4500 lbs gvwr and your trailer trailer has a 5000 lbs gvwr then you are under dot. Now as far as what needs brakes and what does not if you are under dot you need to ask your state. I know anything that exceeds 3000 lbs in colorado has to have breakes on every wheel with the exception of a horse trailer. go to you dot office and ask for a manual it will explain everything then find a officer to ask all of the questions you can.

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