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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by cbservicesllc, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. lawnguy01

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    Thats awesome! We've hit 25% growth over last year already! We picked up 6 commercial properties, and the residential side is blowing up. Mowing, Fert, Irrigation, and landscaping are all doing very well. We are about to start a sign and door hanger campaign today in preparation for the amazing weekend!
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Guys soil temps are no where near 50 degrees, stop getting nervous. One warm day does not take up soil temps that fast (today). I see what the soil map says, but I would guess we are closer to 40 here. Ample time to get Rd 1 down. I haven't even started yet - just got my first pallet of pre/fert in yesterday in fact.

    I have not seen very much growth yet this year. Cold snowy spring just killed the early calls. Picked up some mowing and some fert and a landscape proj, but nothing like last year. What I am guessing will happen is everyone will start calling with this warm stretch, all at once. Already got a few calls in today.
  3. JContracting

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    We'll see what happens, 4 days in the 70s with rain Mon & tues, things will warm up soil-wise.

    Saw one truck & dual axle trailer with a couple mowers on it, no company name, not sure if they were just getting their equipment out or were actually working, saw in northern Brooklyn park, pewter chevy 2500hd ecsb.

    Then got mean mugged by the husband and wife of All American Landscaping in two separate trucks, every time I see them they stare like no tomorrow, they must not have a whole lot on their mind other than the competition.
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  4. djagusch

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    Soil temps were 38 degrees in Chisago City, MN today.

    In Stillwater I went to clean up some stump grindings from last fall at a cemetery that we did right before the first snow. It was a 3ft dia and 2 ft tall pile. Mostly open field but by a house went to shovel it. Hit something hard about a foot in. Kept shoveling around a chunk of ice in the pile. A foot above the ground surface pure ice and stump grindings. Guessing the frost isn't out of the ground yet.
  5. cbservicesllc

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    Sales have been a bit slow, but today it was like a light switch turned on... bout time!! That seems to be the hard part. We mostly maintain residential properties and they don't seem to budge until all the snow melts (even with me bugging them). Commercials typically like to sign early (especially with large PM's) but the margins suck (I'm talking like $18-$20 a man hour). In the end, I'll stick with my residentials, even if they are a bit slow to sign this year.

    Thanks for the map link! Nice tool for the toolbox. I'd like to buy a soil thermometer in the future too... just to be sure I know where I'm at.

    Don't worry... they don't like any other contractors... they think we're all intruding on their turf... Funny thing is I never seem them doing any work...
  6. JContracting

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    So I'm glad I'm not the only one!! Those a$$hats did it before I had my graphics installed (they must have seen the plow mounts and immediately thought I was "on their turf") and now that I have them on they're probably sh!tting bricks :laugh:. They do a townhouse complex (100+ units or so) east of Cub, Walgreens, DQ, etc. in Champlin, that's the only place I've seen them working at. When I would be on my way to school during the fall semester last yr (Anoka Tech in Ramsey) I'd see them heading into Champlin from Anoka and they'd stare at me even then! They should lighten up lol. I didn't even have plow mounts on at that time either. Maybe next time I'll flick 'em off, that'll give them something to think about! :laugh: :walking:
  7. cbservicesllc

    cbservicesllc LawnSite Member
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    Everyone ready for rain/snow mix on Wednesday and Thursday?
  8. spronk1

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    We are starting with cleanups tomorrow(tuesday). Will take approximately 2 weeks to get through that. After cleanups, the guys will start with the weekly mows and then I will head out for the fert apps. Im not concerned/overly worried about getting pre-m down yet. The soil is still cold even on south facing properties, and with the colder temps and rain/snow coming it will only slow the warm process down. My only concern is getting 2 new people trained over the next week and feeling comfortable sending them out on their own. I always get nervous about that part. Be safe out there and watch out for the DOT. I would imagine they will be very active this week with majority of lawn/landscape contractors getting out on the road.
  9. LawnGuy73

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    Got it, thanks!
  10. JContracting

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    Well looks like we all can finally get things going wide open! Now the love/hate relationship of rain is coming wed & Thursday, bad timing though! I wanted to get us going on the first project of the year, a lawn & landscape removal & install w/ irrigation installed. Also Should be finished with most clean ups & pre-ems by tmrw night.
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