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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by OnMyOwn, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. OnMyOwn

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    I took many Spanish classes in HS and College because it was easy credit hour and GPA padding for my BS. Fourteen years later, I am using it like mad. We have a huge Hispanic population in our area and the guys are willing / able to work.

    I get some of the funniest looks from people when we are in restaurants talking in Spanish.

    I continue to teach my guys English to improve communications with other crew members that are not bi-lingual.
  2. KINGjosh

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    If I new spanish, I could practically do anything around here that involves managing skilled laborers.

    Doesnt sound like a bad idea to learn it. How long did it take you to learn basic comunications?
  3. Scapegoat

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    Spanish is virtually a requirement here in FL if you're in the landscape or construction industry. Hispanics make excellent employees! I speak basic Spanish (took 3 years back in high school.) I've also recently done some travelling down in Central America that has helped me brush up on it.
  4. YardPro

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    yo hablo espanol tambien.

    no recuerdo totos palabras bueno, para yo hablo mas o menos bien.
  5. LawnProfits

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    Spanish has become imperative when expanding your business. It is almost a given that the Hispanic workforce is both cheaper and more dependable. With that said, most Junior or Community Colleges offer some type of Spanish and some even offer Spanish specifically for the 'green industry.' Good luck!
  6. Redneckn

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    speaking mexican in America is an insult to Americans.
    It should be spoken for recreation or when in mexico. the fact that people are so willing to give up their own language is a sign that people are willing to give up their own country.

    if mexicans are not willing to speak the language of America, then they need to carry it back home. actually, that is something they need to do anyway if they are here illegally.
    If they are here legally, then they need to either become a part of America or starve.
  7. betterlawn

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    from MI
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    Chinga te, I believe it is.
  8. Redneckn

    Redneckn LawnSite Senior Member
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    believe it is what?
    you spoke mexican. then you said "i believe it is". now i am confused. :dizzy:

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