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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sparcolawn, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. sparcolawn

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    how many accounts do you think are needed to "get by"....... now dont make this more complicated then it is, just think simple, just enough accounts to cover expenses and put food on the table...
  2. Mclaughld

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    First question is, How much money is enough for you to get by? $250, $750, $2500?
  3. Mclaughld

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    Let me reword that,
    How much money do you need to cover all your non-business expenses(rent,food,gas,bills)?
  4. tonygreek

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    you could post random questions all day long and probably not come up with one more subjective than this. are you taking a poll or trying to figure out whether this is a feasible business for you? but the "don't make this more complicated then it is" line did make me laugh.

    the question should be, "It costs me $18,000 per year to live my life in a manner that is comfortable to me. Is this attainable in year XX?". even then, the subjectiveness is overwhelming.

  5. grassyfras

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    $2000 a month. Im just guessing though. No wife no kids.
  6. ProLawns

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    You need to gross about $40,000 a year to have an income of $24,000. I've found that my income has been roughly 60% of my yearly gross receipts.
  7. lawnguyland

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    If you are asking that you may or may not be in a very good position to even start a lawncare business. Um, figure out all your expenses and you'll know how much you have to make. 1 $50,000 acct or 50 $1,000 accts, blah blah blah. Keep researching though.
  8. gogetter

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    I'm sorry, but that's just a ridiculous question. There are SOOOO many variable it's not even funny.
    I mean come on......... :dizzy:

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    How much money do you need to live?
    Do you run a real business and pay yourself or just take all the extra money at the end of the week.
    If you run a real business and know your costs and overhead-and the profit that your business needs to stay alive AFTER you pay yourself than you should be able to figure this out. If you pay yourself $10.00 per hour and you can do 1 job per hour-Lets say you need $20,000.00 to live after taxes and to make this easy say taxes are $5000.00-you need $25,000.00 income-

    OK now divide $25000 by 10 and you get 2500 hours of work that you need to be payed for. If you cut grass 35 weeks a year that 2500 needs to be divided by 35 which is 71.43 hours a week or if the jobs take 1 hour 72 jobs a week.

    These numbers are just for example--

    First I don't think anybody can live on 20k per year so plug your numbers in
    How much is your overhead?
    How much is your direct costs?
    How much profit should your business make AFTER you pay your self or employees?
    How much do you need to make to live?
    Only you can answer these questions.
  10. T Edwards

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    Sparco, like you said, keep it simple. If you do 3 jobs a day at $50 each you should net $90 to $100. Can you live with that?

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