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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Anyone have any experience designing/installing/maintaining any of the following? Would appreciate any/all experiences good/bad.

    Hunter Micro-Spray nozzle (for spray pop-up bodies).

    Hunter Multi-Stream nozzle (for spray pop-up bodies).

    Hunter PCN Bubbler nozzle; specifically looking at whether the nozzle is one piece or two-piece like the Toro 570 bubbler nozzle where it's easy to knock off the top piece.

    Rainbird Xeri-Pop Micro Spray pop-ups (for 1/4" drip tubing).
  2. Harry0

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    I used the Multi Stream. I had a shrub bed that I needed to add heads for proper coverage but did not have the volume. I switched the nozzles to streams with great success. They take less water and they spray 16 ft. Its been a year no problems.
  3. gusbuster

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    I use the xeri 6 inch and 4 inch pop ups exclusively in flower beds less than 8 ft across.

    The likes:
    well it acts like a regular spray head(just like a 1800 spay body) but will leak if it is a low head, don't think they make a s.a.m. version.

    Don't have to carry multiple heads since you punch out if you need more than a 1/4 circle.

    don't clog up with debris as easily as some micro sprays.

    The cons:
    if you use the 1/4 " pipe, can get kinked easily

    have to have the first 1 inch of the top above ground so it will not get dirty stems which will stick, though this is a minor draw back

    The spray, will blow,(misty) even if regulated to the recommended 30-25 p.s.i.

    Another thing that I have done for permanent color beds, will put and install them just like a regular fixed spray head. Just have to make sure that valve is regulated for proper pressure.(the barb connections is just like a male adapter, which will unscrew) So far, this has worked well without too many problems.

    I think the bodies are the same bodies that are used on their uni spray heads. Just something to look in to.

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