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    well i hate to clog up the threads but i have lots of questions and ideas in my head. other than slipping in wet grass or going up steep hills, and general wear on the belts... what are some disadvantages with belt driven mowers? i have heard that they use less power since they dont have to pump fluid as the hydro mowers do. i ask just to prepare what to look out for. thanks. this has been a very cool place. lots of my questions are answered. one more thing. i have a f250 but no trailer. i know they are cheap but i may try to drive my mower into my truck to go from place to place until i can find a garage and trailer of my own.
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    belt driven mowers are a little more muscle to manuver compared to hydro machines.... they don't climb as well as hydros either...

    that being said i still run belts because they fit into my scedule perfectly and cost nothing for me to keep running... you can buy them super cheap too

    i get a season out of my belts... even dragging a sulky sometimes... My toro has a good design so they don't slip unless its underwater.. even then i wonder... my scag is about the same but with the skinny belts i have had them slip in really wet fall cleanups...

    as for driving your machine into the back of the truck... i wouldn't worry about it, i would worry about getting a good set of ramps and being carefull loading and unloading.... my box truck sitts a little higher then your average 250 and i would hate to drop one from that height....

    hope this helps...


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