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    so i went to the miska trailer factory, wanted to buy a 5 ton dump with their contractors package.

    I looked over the trailers and checked them out, (looked at two that just came out of the factory 2 days prior) the trailers all had runs in their paint and also have areas of paint that are already chipping off. I seen this and then asked again when they were built, the sales guy chris said that they were just built 2 days prior. i said ok, and pointed out the flaws. then i noticed the tie down railing for the tarp, where the welds are it was missing paint and starting to rust already. and had some welds crack already. I pointed this out as well. he said that most of their trailers are like this, and same with everybody else's trailers. That they are the best one.

    On their website says the best backed trailer in the industry, 3 year warranty. yeah if you pay extra for the warranty. it doesn't come standard. dual axle brakes where not standard on the contractor package which is weird considering every contractor would want dual axle brakes. their break away controller for the breaks was optional as well, which is should be standard as i think that they are required by law now on the trailers.

    Anyways, even though these things bothered me, i ask him if they could make a trailer that didn't have these problems, and how long would it take. he said a couple weeks. i said ok, then ask if they would give me a discount on the trailers out in their yard because of the condition. they said no they would rather just build a different one. i ask about the trailer in stock if it could be ready asap they said a couple days i said ok, then asked about financing if there is the option to buy out early without paying a bunch of fees. the guy said there should be that option and to get in contact with the leasing company for that info. so i put down a $500 deposit and gave him my company info for registering the trailer once everything was final. (made the decision on the fact that the miska and jdj dump trailers have been around for a while and that they should be a solid piece of equipment. I called the leasing company to find out that they don't offer the early buy out and that i would have to pay all the payments if i decided to buy it out including the interest. I decided to wait to buy the trailer and told the guy i was thinking i will just wait until i can buy it out right. he said ok and i asked when i could get my deposit back, he said that someone would contact me about it. week and half went by no reply from them. so i called in almost 2 weeks later the guy said i have a signed agreement from you to purchase the trailer and that the deposit is non refundable(they already plated the trailer in my company name as well), i said i told the sales guy about it and that i didn't want the trailer due to the financing options. he said too bad, i will send it to the owner, but we don't give refunds.

    i asked to speak with the person that has to make the decisions and he said he will not drop everything just to talk to a customer, i asked why not he said that the guy is too busy. i said well get it figured out i will be in tomorrow to get my refund, he said don't bother no-one will give you a refund. i said i will still be there tomorrow and if i don't get my refund then i want to talk to the person in charge, he said not going to happen. i said then i will be back the next day with court papers to sue you for the money back, he said this conversation is over and hung up on me.

    I am pissed about this. DONT BUY MISKA TRAILERS THEIR QUALITY IS **** ANYWAYS i was in a rush to get a trailer and the sales guy was a bit pushy with getting the deposit, so then i wouldn't have to come back to do the deposit once the financing went through.


    So since this has happened and they screwed me like that, i decided to buy a different dump trailer and have purchased one from kangaroo trailers in Burlington. they powder coat it instead of painting it, and it is just a nicer trailer.
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    I have dealt with a few Miska's over the years ,and found them to be priced lower than comparable quality trailers ,usually by a few hundred $$$ ,and never had a single issue dealing with the company either during or after the sale .I always payed cash for them though .Since you didnt have all the answers on the buy-out procedure ,why did you give a deposit knowing that was your intentions anyway ? What does your contract state about the deposit you gave them ?
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    The paper work doesnt say anything about the deposit being non refundable.

    They are actually the most expensive out there now
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    although i am comparing apples to oranges. Miska doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles that many other companies have standard. If you compare Aluma trailers (out of the US) to Miska (Hamilton Ontario) Aluma uses all LED lights, the wiring is sealed and better protected, torsion axles are used instead of springs and all their stuff is Rust proof. Now they dont make dump trailers. Torsion axle, leds and galvanizing are all extra with miska. Galvanizing is a must IMO, they get rusty really fast

    Just my 2cents

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