Mismatched Price For Stihl 85


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well this is one of those "What should I have done" questions/

Went to the local Stihl dealer today, picked up the FC 85 stick edger, and asked the girl what the price was. She looked at the packaging, and said "Oh kay, the FC 75 hold on a minute" Went and looked it up and said "$299". I looked down and it was a FC 85 edger with the FC 75 booklet attached to the handle. So she thought it was the FC 75. And the booklet and stuff was zip tied onto the handle, so no I did not switch them.

I of course bought it figuring it was their fault for putting the wrong package on the wrong machine and would not be able to find the 85 for less than $300 anywhere...

Feeling a little guilty about it though,

What would you have done?

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What would I have done? Well I don't know because that would have never happened to me. Man $299 for an FC 85 is a good deal. they are like $425 everywhere here.


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I would have bought 2 of them. They are dealers, pretend were talking cars here instead of mowers. Do i need to give you a similar car dealer sinario? By happy, and go read the guys post about is $400 mower tune up.


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I've got to pick one up at the local dealer I ordered a couple of weeks ago. He doesn't stock them due to low demand around here. Anyway, it is going to cost me $349. I know what you are saying, and I would say it depends on the situation. If it is a small dealer you do a lot of business with, I'd probably tell them of the mistake. If they are smart businessmen, they will tell you thanks, and you will owe them nothing, but they won't make the same mistake again. If it is a large dealer you don't have a rapport with, then I'd probably just chalk if up to good fortune. If I could buy one for $349, then I doubt they were actually losing money at $299. Neill


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Yup.. and then when they do inventory and they come up short... guess what? It may be written off, or maybe that counter person that makes like 8 bucks an hour has to pay for it. The dealer/owner may be living high on the hog, but rest assured, his employees dont see a mark up and they dont see 60 bucks an hour labor to fix yur mower. Be honest and you wont have to feel guilty or ask anyones advice on what to do. Just my opinion.


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I think I agree with MO turkey the most on this. On the other hand, Xcopter has a good point. It sure would be bad if the girl who made the mistake has to make up the difference. Also, if it were a big store it probably wouldn't matter if you told them or not because they might have an Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts. But if it's a small dealer, you could be taking food out of his kids' mouths.

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