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Missing the point

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I think some of u are missing the point of this post. I posted it so that i could get a price on firewood. The only reason i'm selling firewood is becasue i need a little money to invest in new equipment this spring. Like i said i'm only 15 and i don't have my drivers liscense yet so i don't have but a few accounts that i do on the weekends and when i can get someone to take me there. i will be getting my drivers liscense this fall and i will be looking for something to make money. I have a place that is easy to get to and easy to cut the wood. I agree with all of you once i get my buissness established i doin't plan on working winters this is just a temporary job to get my lawn buissness started.
But i do see what everyone is saying but i hope yall understand my point of view now.

Thanks for the replys everyone.
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Hi Jh88,

Good for you for making the best of what you can do at the moment! Keep up the good work :)
i totally agree. firewood is one more hard way to go. but i just love to show myself ,,,theres still enough man left to ,split a cord ,if i want to.[ with a maul]
i personally dont want the whole winter off,as i just get more out of a day, if im working. just different strokes bud . do your thing. mabe we will see each other at the free lunch place for the down an out.[forgot what they call it]but one things im gonna try an be sure of... im gonna have a good time getting there.. good luck.
:) :)
$60 a cord picked up;)
yep,, everythings called something...
got a friend,, that really dont know how to think about anything ,until shes been able to put some kind of label on it...
then it can exist for her.
I sell about 20 full cords a year. I usually get $140/per cord or $130 if someone buys 2 or more full cords. That is local delivery included. I charge more for longer distances. I get the wood from my brother in law who is a logger. We never trade money, only work so I get a good deal on the wood. It will probably cost you $300-$350 to get a load of 6 full cord log legnth delivered. If you are physically fit you can cut and split 1 full cord in 3 hours without much problem. In New York State, they have strict guidelines when you advertise, so check your state laws. 3 face cords equal 1 full cord at 16" lengths. Hope this helps. I also hope you are ready to sweat.:D
A face cord goes for 35-60 here depending on what variety, and how well seasoned it is. Those are delivered prices 20 mile limit, 4 cord minimum.
I do my own wood for the fun of it.
Hard work pays off. Good Luck!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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