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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mission Mowers, May 8, 2007.

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    For several weeks I have been silently surfing this website and would like to now participate. Here is my business idea and proposal. I would like honest and constructive feedback. This idea is very close to becoming a reality.

    I am a professional pilot who works 7 on 7 off. I am a Christian who believes strongly in serving others who are less fortunate, both overseas AND here in my local community. Because I have extensive experience in the lawn care industry (golf course and residential) and I enjoy the work; I want to start a not for profit company dedicated to giving its earnings back to Christ in the form of missions donations. Initially I will operate as a DBA with a group of trustees who meet monthly to oversee the expenditures. If the idea takes off, then we will file for 501c.

    I do not want to undercut, or take away work from my local lawn care companies!!

    Because of my schedule, I would rather work as a sub for 3 or 4 established companies who could get to know me and my idea and then support Mission Mowers as it goes. I already take care of my churches lawn and will continue too. But I would like additional work. My hope is to build a trusting relationship with these companies and have them use me, instead of trying to advertise for our own dedicated contracts.

    Equipment will be Hustler Mini Z 52/19 Kawasaki/ Stihl FS80 weed eater and blower

    Well, thatÂ’s the idea in a nutshell. Tell me what you think?

    Bill in Greensboro
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    I get the general idea, but I'm not sure how the money is going to work. Are the people who's grass your mowing going to give a donation, or you're just plain out cutting for free? I'm not sure how that will tie in with working with other companies who are out for profit.

    Maybe I'm just not grasping it :confused:
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    Mission Mowers would work as a "sub" contractor for lawn care companies already serving the customer. Because of my work schedule I can only be available every other week for now (until I find a partner).

    We would bill the contractor, not the customer...


    Your the owner of Big Dawg Lawn Service and your overloaded with work on a certain week. You call us, we cut what you cant handle, we bill you, you pay us what you would bill the customer (you keep 10%, we take 90%).

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