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Missouri or Kansas?


LawnSite Senior Member
Looking at relocating to start over or to buy out a current business. We are looking at the south K.C. areas so could be in Kansas or Missouri. Tax benefits for either state? More money in any certain area? How about laws reguarding trucks and trailers?


LawnSite Member
Hutchinson, KS
In Kansas you are not considered a commercial vehicle unless your GVWR on your truck + trailer is more than 10,000 lbs. Your trailer must be tagged if the combined weight of your cargo on the trailer is over 2,000 lbs. If your truck is considered a commercial vehicle then you'll want to check with the DOT or Highway patrol to find out what you have to do. Forget Missouri, Kansas is way better.


LawnSite Member
Grain Valley,MO
South KC is good area...you can hit both Kansas and Missouri sides. Lees Summit is booming as well as south Johnson county. Check out the Kansas City thread and ask most of those guys...I'm new this year so don't know where the big profits are.