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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gumper48, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. gumper48

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    while mowing a trailer park in a lower income part of town, was approached by an individual motioning for me to get off mower and have a little chat. He is asking for some work in exchange for a little cash cause he is "hongry". Told him that i worked alone and did not have any extra work he could do.
    But i would give him 5.00 for a meal. He says "bless ya". I said pray for me. He was happy, and pocketed the money, walked off. I've never seen this guy before and have mowed this property for several years. He was well dressed and didn't look like he had missed any meals on the contrary, probably had enjoyed a couple of extra deserts.
    In retrospect, i'm kicking myself for the donation.
    I failed to mention that he was smoking a cigar.
    But with Louisiana fresh on our minds and this individual fitting that discription I just wonder ----
    Any of you guys had dealings with panhandlers --
    how did you handle them-


    SHOWCASE LAWNS LLC LawnSite Member
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    I Always Tell Them That The "boss" Doesnt Allow Us To Carry Cash And If I Dont Get Back To Work I Will Get Fired. Many Times This Has Gotten Me Out Of A Situation At Gas Stations In Worse Areas Around Here .
  3. topsites

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    With the Louisiana thing, I would much rather pull over for a fund-raising carwash and let them wash the truck+trailer for 40 bucks (more might be better at this time, it's worth 40 in labor alone) than hand out free money but...

    In the case of panhandlers, it's hard to say other than I don't like it, I'm the same way in that I handle it case-by-case and have both given nothing and felt nothing AND given something and felt good AND given something and felt kinda dumb later and all kindsa combos I guess it's just weird thou...

    Ever had the guy walk up with an empty gascan with the story about the car ran out of fuel? Sometimes it's for real, sometimes it's a scam where the can is real but the car does not exist lol.
  4. DLS1

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    You were taken. Will see people coming out the woodwork now saying they are from New Orleans and need money.

    A few years back I was working downtown at my fulltime office job and stepped out to get something to eat. A guy comes up to me with a note saying he couldn't TALK and out of a job and the note said could you give me some money. I gave him a few bucks. A minute later I see him TALKING to his buddy doing the same routine I guess and probably telling him much money he collected. :angry:
  5. LawnBrother

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    This happens to me a lot. Usually I do not make a habit of handing out money. If I think someone is bumming change just to be a bum, I usually say "No, I don't have any, as a matter of fact I was just about to ask you!"
    But sometimes I look at someone asking for a handout and feel like they really are down and out and need some help, so I give them a dollar or something. It's just a judgement call I make based on different factors. Sometimes I am wrong. Like the other day I was in TacoBell and this sad looking woman asked if I could spare some change so she could get something to eat. I gave her a dollar. She stood there for a few minutes and walked out, without buying any food. I thought to myself "I just wasted a dollar on a crackhead" I should have asked her what she wanted to eat and bought it for her.
    Then the other day I was in a parking lot in my work truck. A poor looking black guy comes up to my window(and in this hood that almost always means they want money, happens to me every week in this area, and I get tired of it) He started to say something and I cut him off and told him I wasn't giving away any money today. He looked kind of shocked, then told me he just wanted to know if we were hiring. I felt like a jackass and apologized. I thought from that point I shouldn't jump to conclusions without hearing someone out.
    So what do you do? In general I am compassionate and help people out if I can, but where do you draw the line? I think I will just give to charity from now on so the money goes where it's needed.
  6. Brianslawn

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    i find it intersting that people always have money for smokes and alcohol, but never have money for food or gas or anything else.

    i would have handed him an application for taco bell
  7. tjgray

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    Me and my husband Donald got approached yesterday by a 50 something year old african american woman. She needed a ride home and didn't have a way. She said her husband had died on August 19th and her truck had been re-pocessed....it was also very obvious to us that this woman had a big crack/speed/or whatever addiction. She looked real bad. I felt so sad for her and we did give her a ride home....she begged us to come and visit anytime. It sure is frutrating though to see so many killing themselves with drugs.
  8. bobbygedd

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    i have no problem giving a couple bucks to a beggar. we (americans) are the biggest money wasters on the planet. i p!ss away more money on gambling, entertainment, and things we don't need , than most people make in a year. so what's a few bucks? funny though this came up. i was out the other evening, having some coctails, and having fun. i met a lady , "robin" she said her name was. very petite, very attractive, beautiful long brown hair. she was definitely dressed poorly though, just "raggedy anne" like, and i could tell she had a drug problem. i bought her several drinks. we got friendly, she asked me for $20. i said what for? i'll buy your drinks all night. she said she had no money for her and her son to eat for the rest of the week. i said, ok robin, i got $500 in my pocket, let's get over to the supermarket, i'll buy you as much groceries as you want, $100, $200, whatever, then, i'll put you in a cab, and send you home. fair? well, robin decided she didn't want the groceries. i said, umm, robin, are you looking for $20, for drugs? she snapped back, " NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT." i said, i think you're lying. some time went by, then she offered me "favors" in exchange for the $20. NOPE, i wasn't buying. anyhow, i bought several more drinks, then my wife called for me to get my butt home. i thanked robin for the conversation, and gave her a crisp new $5 bill, to use as she pleased.
  9. RedWolf

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    The way i deal with it is i tell them im broke and have no cash.But i did help this one guy.Id say he was 50 or so and half indian.he said he ran out gas and needed a ride.so i take him to get gas and we get out to his truck.he tryed to fire it over and it was a no go.after about 10 mins i pop the hood to find the ground wire had come off the coil.so i hooked it back up,truck fired back up and off he went.well a week goes by and im at the same job and he pulls up in this brand new BMW and say he is takein me to lunch.well i forgot who her was and he told me that i helped him out when his truck died.I got one hell of a lunch for helping him out and he gave me 50 bucks on top of the lunch.so i guess sometimes it works out and sometimes it dont.you just have to go with your gut and hope for the best
  10. qualitylandscaping

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    I give my money to NO ONE.. Will make donations to fund-raisers (dropped a $1,000 toward Katrina relief last week), fire dept. boot drive yesterday $20)..

    But poor people on the side of the road begging for money.. If they would get off their lazy butts and make some attempt at getting a job, they wouldn't have the time or the need to spend on a corner begging..

    I work to hard for my money, to give it to the ******** who are probably already collecting unemployment money anyway..

    It's sickening, nothing more nothing less

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