Mitsubishi cabover price check

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Bunton Guy, Jul 20, 2014.

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    Im getting ready to sell my 1999 Mitsubishi fuso FEHD cabover.

    Not sure where to start with the asking price.

    The condition is par for the year and usage. Im the 3rd owner

    I had a professionally built dovetail and ramp gate built out the back.
    The truck has 195,000 miles on the 4 cylinder diesel. No holes in the 16 foot box.

    The bad:
    Driver & passenger seats have rips, radio only works sometimes, back door is not operable (two panels rotted out) $550.00 for parts to install complete new door.

    has two recalls that I never had time to do (truck was in service 6 days a week with no backup unit)

    Tires are 50% or better

    Check engine light is on but local big truck repair shop said nothing came up in the scan (light has been on for two years)

    Cracked windsheild.

    I've seen these trucks listed with this mileage for as low as $6,000 and as high as $12,500

    Not sure where to start the pricing.
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    Any pictures of this?

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