mitsubishi canter 4x4 medium duty

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    Is anyone using one of these? How are they to plow with? How about some other pro's and con's. Thanks.

    BJWLAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    100 views and no one can chime in. I kind of figured that might be the case. MSRP is 42k cab a chassis. You might be in like 50-55k depending on plow, dump etc. Any input would be appreciated. TY.
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    i have 2013 super lawn truck that is a canter but not the 4x4. fuso is a great company and stands behind their product. just be aware that fuso has switched to a new engine/trans than before it now has a italian engine and a japanese dual clutch transmission, i personally would have preferred them keep the old aisin tranny that my other unit has but that's progress. as i stated mine is a SLT so I can't offer any pricing on the dump and etc but we've been avg just under 13 mpg but I doubt you'll get that unless you get an aluminum dump
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    Fusos are great, my first landscaping job had me driving one with a 12ft dump bed with a EZ-Lift (was working for a ferry company so it also had other uses). Great truck! Never used the 4x4.

    If your looking for information on it as a plow truck i would check on I remember there being a forum on there about these trucks. I imagine it would be a great truck since it has a good turn radius and can weigh alot.

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