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Yea, okay so I'm a newbie... Here's my question: My step-son and I are thinking of getting into the lawn care/snowplowing business (both tired of working like a dog to make somebody else rich) and I was wondering if anyone was running a Mitsubishi FG 4x4 with a landscapers body to plow with, and if so, how's it work compared to other rigs you've run? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks...


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I have yet to use any cab over type truck. So here is the way I see, maybe it will help maybe it won't.


Easy to turn, and see the front of the truck.
Easy service: when you can tilt the cab. However electrical service is much more difficult.
Short cab lenght

Higher than convensional trucks.
Not as stable during offroad opperation.
Cab is smaller than a pick up. Not sure if this is true or not, it is only what I have heard.
The rear body of the truck is higher than some convential trucks.
They may no opperate on ice and snow as well as a typical truck. This is due to the different weight deplacement and truck design.



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Some guys here in the Detroit area have them and they say that they are great. I've looked at them but I'm not ready to make that big of a step up yet.


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That is another thing to think about. Where will you be opperating this truck?

If your in a hilly area with lots of curvey roads, than maybe a convential truck is the right choice.

However if your in a flat area like the mid west, maybe the cab over is the way to go.



I've looked at them and am not impressed. Frame and spring perches are narrower than an American truck, so standard bodies don't sit on the frame rails. They are something like 15,000 GVW, but the frames are not much heavier than a regular pickup. And they are underpowered for the GVW. I like the visibility and turning radius but I'll stick with conventionals until they make the COs more of a truck.


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We have a couple of local landscape competers in the area that use the mitsubishi 4WD and they love them. I own and run a landscape and maintenance company and can tell this truck will be PERFECT for those uses, if I was to purchase a new truck it would be either a Ford F550 or the Mitsubishi both with Diesels. If in the future we must put a new truck in service we will lean towards the Mitsubishi even though we run Fords the pros out weigh the cons for my business. My vote GET one but with the diesel!!!!!!! The motors on these are true big truck motors unlike our Powerstrokes which are quilified as light to mid duty the one we tried for a week had a powerful motor (tourque) it would out pull or damn close to our Un modified Powerstrokes.

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The 4 cyl diesel is woa fully underpowered. It cannot get anywhere fast or even slow for that matter. the 6 cyl UD has a lot more power, but not available in 4wd.
They are good trucks, just not sure if snow plowing is the best arena for them.
I do know a guy in Denver that has 2 of them, and he likes them, but he is in wide open spaces, and ride and comfort are secondary issues for him.


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My advice-

Get the Mitsubishi if you feel that it will meet your needs as far as the lawn care side of things go. For plowing in the winter get an old 3/4 or 1 ton "beater" to start out with (you can always get something nicer when the cash starts rolling in). The reason I say this is because alot can happen plowing- a truck can take a beating. It is much easier to go to the parts store and get that *insert broken part here* for an old Chevy/Ford/Dodge than it would be for the Mitsubishi, and cheaper too. Plus, your lawn care truck will stay looking nicer longer.


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I own one and use it for plowing and landscape installations.
Drives like a car. Even your girlfriend can drive it after you show her which one's the clutch.
Tons of torque. Mine will push a mountain of snow.
300,000 mile drivetrain. Yes its true.
16-18 mpg.
Interior like my mom's 1980 Nissan Sentra back in high school. Designed to last 1500 miles. No exageration. Ripped seats, no golve box covers, broken cupholder and heat controls, and I threw out the ripped "rug".
standard shift is slow in reverse.
Easy to dent on the front flat panel. Ive fixed mine 2 times already.
Eats tires- avg life 8000 miles.
My dealer doesn't want my repeat business. Or at least his shop doesn't.
SUMMARY- I'm looking for a new truck and I'm not ready to spent 42k on a new auto fg.

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I went to the Dominican Republic this summer for a service trip. I saw nothing but cabovers there. I road on the back of a cabover up into 5000 ft of mountains on horrible roads with terribly large inclines. The truck, this one a Kia cabover, handled very well, it had no trouble pulling up the moutain. If they use them in the third world, I guess they would be good.

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