Mitsubishi Fuso 4X4?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MikeKle, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. MikeKle

    MikeKle LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Is the Fuso available in 4WD in the US or not? I know the Isuzu NPR is available in the UK in 4WD but not in the states. Are these cabover trucks with 4WD as capable as a regular 4WD pickup? Anyone know the model of the Fuso with 4WD? Thanks.
  2. PROCUT1

    PROCUT1 LawnSite Platinum Member
    from TN
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    Yes its available.

    Its the FG model
  3. Gravel Rat

    Gravel Rat LawnSite Fanatic
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    I know where you can get one with a dumping flatdeck installed if you want to come all the way to B.C. Canada :laugh:
  4. MikeKle

    MikeKle LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Gravel Rat, What year is it? What shape is it in, how many miles? and finally how much $$ for it? I have always believed it is worth it to drive a little to get a good deal.However transfering a truck from BC to US might be a hassle?
  5. Gravel Rat

    Gravel Rat LawnSite Fanatic
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    The truck is a year old maybe 2 years now I think it was a 2007 as for mileage I think it is really low its gotta be around 13,000 miles on it the truck wasn't driven much just used as a work truck. The bed is a 12x8 scissor hoist etc.

    Anyhow the truck was originally from the eastern usa the owner went back to what ever state it was in can't remember and drove it back. It was just a cab and chassis. He bought a brandnew dump deck and mounted it.

    As for price not sure I assume its going to be atleast 40,000 CND maybe more a dump deck alone is 8000 dollars. The truck is at a dealers lot I tried finding it on the net but couldn't find it. I don't see the owner of the truck very often maybe once every couple months maybe longer.

    Now he wasn't really overly impressed with the truck its why he is selling it the truck really didn't live up to his expectations. One the truck rode like a pogo stick, two the truck sits so high off the ground the deck is hard to load by hand, three the truck wouldn't carry the weight.

    All I know he wishes he never got involved with it. I looked at the truck and I would take a F-450 or F-550 over the cabover any day.
  6. AVLC

    AVLC LawnSite Member
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    great trucks they turn on a dime turn better with a 14ft body than an f-450
    so it is ideal for plowing especially commercial.

    also great on fuel can go almost a month when using it as our mowing truck better than anything else you could get
  7. lawn king

    lawn king LawnSite Silver Member
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    The 4 wd has far less payload, due to the front axle set up. I looked into this extensively when i built my cabover/dump in 2003. The non 4 wd has a solid front axle. If you run good rubber,ample weight & plow smart, you can work commercial snow with a cabover, i have a 9' blade on my npr.
  8. pj550v12

    pj550v12 LawnSite Senior Member
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    We have one for sale if anyone is interested. Dont want to steal the post but its a 2007 with 35000 miles, PM me if anyone wants
  9. AVLC

    AVLC LawnSite Member
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    not sure if interested but is it manual 4 cylinder what kind and size is body what are you asking for it
  10. dbear

    dbear LawnSite Senior Member
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    The main negative I've heard is that FG's are not available with an AT which means they are not as fast as a pickup w/AT in reverse. Something that's important to the snow plowing guys.

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