Mitsubishi T130 2 stroke engine

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Diamond_Jim, May 1, 2005.

  1. Diamond_Jim

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    Has anyone here ever seen a Mitsubishi Model T130?

    I recently purchased a New-Old-Stock Mitsubishi T130 engine, and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen one. I know John Deere uses Mitsu engines on their commercial string trimmers and edgers, but those engines are badged as JD products and yellow. My engine is red, and is badged as a Mitsubishi.

    I am looking for specs and a parts list for this engine.

  2. Diamond_Jim

    Diamond_Jim LawnSite Member
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  3. Diamond_Jim

    Diamond_Jim LawnSite Member
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    Not that anyone really cares, but I did find a parts manual and specs for this engine. It's a Japanese Mitsubishi engine (not a Chinese clone), displaces 24cc, and was O.E.M.'ed to Husqvarna back in the eighties for use on their 24r string trimmer.
  4. msamigo

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    Have parts manual - need some parts - anyone know where parts cane be found?
  5. preacherman44

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    Hello Gentleman I am new to this website. I was wondering could either of you send me an owners manual and a parts listing for the T-130 Mitsubishi motor because yesterday I picked up a set of hedge trimmers and I have been unable to find a thing on the internet. My email address is Thanks for anything that you can send me

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