Mixing dry Fungicides

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    a table spoon dry weight is approximately 1/2 ounce for future reference...That is approximate. Always a good rule of thumb unless you have very accurate scales.... my scale is better in larger quantities of weight....
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    Actually that is simplistic way of calculating.

    For Midwestern and Eastern orchards, the aim is to apply 1 gallon of spray solution per 1450 CUBIC feet or orchard foliage. The number of cubic feet in an orchard is obtained by multiplying the tree height times the tree width times the lineal feet in the orchard.
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    Thanks, Yatt. Good info. Do you mean...one gallon would cover a tree 14.5 feet tall, by 10 feet wide by 10 feet long?

    Of course, a lot depends on the kind of equipment. Air blast? Skid sprayer? Back pack? Hand sprayer? How much water does it take to cover the tree?
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    This is going to devolve into a complicated discussion. :sleeping:

    Before I start, my experience would tell me a gallon would cover at least two trees of the size you mentioned using a tree wand sprayer at 125 PSI. I have just reduced the canopy height in mine as they were much taller than your example, perhaps 25' and a gallon would easily cover a tree that size. This discussion is on solution and not concentration. In my orchard last year I used 30 gallons to spray to cover 37 trees prior to the reduction in size. Here is what they look like right now after pruning, (for scale, the ladder is 10'.


    Same tree different view, BTW the vacant area behind it is getting 27 more trees next week. I just built a 8 strand high tensile fence in that area to protect the trees from deer.



    The paragraph I quoted is from the "Michigan fruit management guide" by the Michigan State Extension office.

    In order to cut down on a bunch of typing/plagiarizing, here is an article on tree row volume calculation.

    The amount also varies due tot he time of year in the application.

    This pertains to air blast sprayers.
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    Let me guess. The little fruit are just starting to develop, then fall off the tree?

    Plum Curculio do that to apples too. You need to get on a spray plan IMMEDIATELY after petal fall. I use Imidan.

    I would also hold the size of the trees down too for two reason:
    1. Easier to spray and pick
    2. Create scaffolds at 60 degrees to the trunk because they are more productive and stronger to hold the weight of the fruit. Mine got too big and I had to pare them back. But then they are 21 years old too.
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    I did last fall, probably trim back further this fall.

    Not falling off yet, did last spring due to this and I wasn't as vigilant with spraying as I have been this year. This is the only two peaches I could find with damage.

    As of to date:
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    Hi Kirk,:dancing:

    Well I see you are up on the spraying this year and keeping records. The only thing I would add is more info on the weather, temp and where the trees are in regard to dorman, silver tip, green shoot, pre-pink, bloom, and petal fall.

    You can probably spray the captan with the malthion at the same time. The 14 day schedule is OK, but may have to be more frequent when hot humid weather starts.
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    Yes, starting Seven ASAP then in the next spray schedule the Immunox and Malathion, plus Captan and seven will be sprayed all at once.
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    FWIW, Captan is not compatible with dormant oil spray. I use Manzate instaid on the first application @ silver tip/green shoot.

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