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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bobbygedd, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    ok, we have discussed prices of our programs, per sq. ft, different programs etc. i have said that when doing a weed n feed app, i charge a fee for the fert, and then another fee for the herbicide, even though they are combined in the same bag.for this i've been called many names, including thief, etc. so i have yet another dumb question. if a client calls and asks for a fert application on 20,000 sq ft, how much will you charge? if a client calls and asks for a fert and broadleaf treatment on 20,000 sq feet, how much will you charge?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    is this a 1 time app or part of the seasonal plan say six apps.
  3. bobbygedd

    bobbygedd LawnSite Fanatic
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    ok, let's say it's a one time app, give a price for that, then give a price for 2 ferts, then again for 2 ferts containing herb
  4. rkk95

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    $92 every ap cost the same except grub control, no one time deals, if you're in a housing plan you must get the full program, if you live out of the way with no neighbors you can get as little as four applications per year.
  5. Mike@Haines

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    I agree, no one timers. Ours is $92 also. We set our prices by averaging out the costs and figuring what we needed to make over all. We'll include weed control with our spring sprays, but in the summer we're doing granular with little to no weed control, so we make up the money.
  6. James Cormier

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    We also dont do one time apps, dont worry about the guy calling for that type of service, there more then enough people out there looking for full treatments
  7. TSM

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    i disagree about one time apps.

    growing a business is all about marketing, no?

    we do one time apps. we do add 20% to our market price to make it worth our while. when that customers next app 'should' be due, we mail them a postcard, if they give us the ok for that next app we give them a 5% discount (still 15% over our regular market pricing)

    Each time we would normally apply a product, we send them a postcard, each time offering a 5%discount (until we reach our market pricing, obviously no more discounts from that point on)We have many customers who accept our full program (7 apps) who started out as one time apps.

    Pricing will depend on your market. For us a 20,000sf lawn is $110 per app. (fert w/weed control = 1 app, fert alone = 1 app)

    Unlike most companies, we charge the same low price for our grub preventatives (merit) as long as we can apply it with their regular fert app. We do merit with our Rnd 3, so we show up and apply a combo fert/merit, leave 2 invoices for $110 each. If a customer decides to skip Rnd 3 but still wants merit, well then we add a surcharge.
  8. Mike@Haines

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    TSM, I used to work for TGCL where they took anything the customer was willing to do. The problem I had, was that if they only wanted the one to try it out, we couldn't get the results they wanted at least half the time. If I sold the customer (as opposed to the salespeople), I told them, "Honestly, you have to have two to see any real results. One is a total waste of your money. If I did it, I'd be stealing from you, and you'd never come back to me. I don't want a one time customer, I want a client who's going to have me here for a long time, and recommend me to others. That's why I won't sell you a one time treatment." I got two out of at least 85% of them, and more than half of those went to some type of full program.

    If they've got a nutrient deficient lawn, ferting can still end up making the lawn look unevenly colored, and with one shot, we can't completely control moss or weeds. That's why I don't sell one shots. I sell the RESULTS the customer wants, not the application(s) he THINKS he wants.

    That's my .02 anyways.
  9. ForeverGreen

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    If TGCL would apply more than 2lb per 1m sq it wouldnt take two apps to see results.
  10. get rich

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    I agree with 20% mark up. But never turn down a one night stand, don't worry she'll call back. Except if it's well out of my normal routes, then it's 50% for soaring through the roof gas prices, thanks bush!!

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