Mixing liquid fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by jpwhitey, May 26, 2006.

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    i've been trying to figure out the calculations to mixing a liquid fertilizer... i've been working with trugreen for 2 years now and am moving to a new company thats more a mom and pops shop... i know how to figure out granular thats easy.. but when it comes to liquid fertilizer i'm stumped on mixing... i know the 17-2-5 we use is per gallon.. but how does that relate to sq. footage covered? to figure the mixing rate? any help with this would be much appreciated.. thanks
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    Couple more thing you need to know.. How much N are you wanting to put doen per 1000 and how much N in in your bag. Once you determine those 2 factors it it easy.

    Say I am spraying Uflexx and I am spraying 1 gal per thousand for 1lbs of N per thousand, then a 50 lbs bag will get me 50,000 sqft. if you want .25lbs per thousand you just need to recalculate
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    I think you are trying to determine how much 17-2-5 to mix for liquid apps. since that is the standard analysis TG/Cl uses in their bulk tanks for "batch mixes" on lawns. Since it is a cheap, all-soluble form of Nitrogen it makes sense for them but not necessarily for a mom & pop LCO. This can require a tank farm with huge bulk tanks, recycle system etc.. J Hisch is right in that a more practical form of Nitrogen would be the use of Uflexx or Umaxx which are granular, soluble that are readily dissolved in your tank (agitate thoroughly) along with soluble forms of Potash and Phosphorous. First figure out how much of each product(s) you want to go down per 1000 sq.ft. then determine a spray rate per 1000. Will it be 1,2,3 or 4 gal per 1000 ? Knowing the size of your tank(s) to determine a practical rate would be helpful as well. I believe that both Umaxx and Uflexx give dilution rates printed right on the bag to simplify it even further.
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    Find out who produces the fert and google the label/msds .If you get it in bulk the delivery truck driver usually does not drop off a label.most liquid lawn ferts at that ratio weigh aprox. 10LBs/gallon .The high the nutrient contentthe more it weighs/ gallon .at that ratio each a gallon should contain aprox.1.7 # N / gallon .If you mix fert at ,.5gal fert / 1000sq. ft., you will be putting down.85#N /1000sq.ft..Get your hands on the label ,this will give you the formulation , exact weight /gallon and all the Dos and dont dos for tank mixing.:walking:
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    it all comes down how much N per k, forget the 17-2-5. in the spring figure .25 K for round 1 & 2 and add iron for greening (about 3-4%). then maybe add .50 for r3 & R4 and then .75 for r5 and if needed a .75 for r6 (winterizer). also i add K for my liquid apps (about 3%). i also use NBN (slow release N in all the apps AND IT GETS EXPENSIVE, but worth it)

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