Mixing MP Rotators with I20's

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by drmiller100, May 31, 2005.

  1. drmiller100

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    Ok, so it is a no no.

    but, it seems like the math could be done to figure out if you ran a walla walla spray with some i20 nozzle you could get it really close.

    I'm assuming that you would run head to head. Goal would be to figure math.

    any thoughts?

    Application is that I have a mobile home park to install the complete, from scratch system in. By far I will have a BUNCH of sprays, which the walla walla solution with between homes. But, there are some bigger areas where it would be nice to use the larger radius sprays.

  2. drmiller100

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    Ok, I got a reply from a very helpful gentleman from Nelson. He indicates that the MProtators throw .45 inches per hour.

    Going to the Nelson homepage, it seems like I could run the Nelson 6000 with about an 8 or 9 nozzle full circle. Or, I could run a 5 or 6 half circle.
    Which totally makes sense, and fits right in with the way I normally compare the nozzles.

    This is pretty cool.

    I could maybe drop a full zone per system pretty easily, maybe two.
  3. drmiller100

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    where can I buy these online or via the phone?

    ewing's web site is broken unless you are already a registered user. My local dealer is selling them for something north of retail.
  4. kerdog

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    Hey drmiller100------

    It seems Ewing is an exclusive distributor. At least in the Texas area, and probably other areas of the south. The nozzles I have purchased from them have been in the $4.50 range. The nozzles are expensive, the retail is around $7.50, or so.
    Should be able to get 'some' info., from Ewing online, as a guest acct.

    Just curious what price range you were quoted.

  5. bicmudpuppy

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    Somebody PLEASE say something! I've been negative enough with Doug here on some issues. NELSON?? NELSON?? I'm asking again.. NELSON?? OMG, why don't you just go down to ACE and buy whatever cheap plastic they've got on the shelf. One good thing, in the past, Nelson has been nice enough to pay labor on all the warranty work we've done for them payup . I made a LOT of money doing the seal replacements at 30% about 6 years ago. A LOT of money. Seems we were replacing solenoids too........And I had a bunch of trash I hadn't sorted yet that I got full warranty credits for....Hmmmm, except for the customer complaints, waiting for them to admit the problem, and the bad name the company I was with got for installing that trash in the first place, maybe Nelson wasn't such a bad deal.
  6. drmiller100

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    hey, i've thick skin.
    nelson has the TRICK spray heads right now. I've used the 6000's when customers demand them. seem to work ok.

    i asked a question on the web. a VERY helpful person from Nelson gave me some great answers. The hunter guys didnt' help me.

    the price i was quoted was 7.79, unless i bought a 100 of them, in which case it dropped to 6.34.

    ewing's price is a lot cheaper for joe schmuck guest. you just can't buy from them unless you get an account. doesn't matter if you have a credit card, cash, or not.
  7. crosson lawn

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    i have a crazy system i just "repaired" that was galvanized steel pipe and i just cut off the pipe and put on a compression fitting to PVC and placed MPRotators out 30 feet apart. this system has 2 zones and can cover almost an acre. it has a 6hp sub pump that is supplying the house as well as the irrigation. i have a couple of spots on the corners of the property that are not geting the coverage i wanted so i am going to put Hunter PGP's in along with the MP's. i will use a 6 or 7 nozzle and i have raised the pressure switch setting to 50-70 and it does reach 70 and cut off on both zones. i figured that the pump can produce 33 gal/min and my zones are 22 and 24 so it can handle alot more gallons. i also my add some pgp's to the perimeter of the property to achieve 60gpm sustained without the pump turning on/off. This is a run down property that is being referbished for resale and i have suggested leaving the present well for the irrigation and drill another well for the house but i was told to make it work. so i think this is the best method with what i have to work with.

    I will go on the record to say that Nelson does suck i have to replace alot of them. Hunter is the choice down here in florida.
  8. bicmudpuppy

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    The Nelson heads interchange nozzles w/ pgp's. Don't know if it's supposed to, but they "fit". I would recomend you do anything instead of Nelson. That bad taste you get in your mouth things go way wrong and you know your screwed. Nelson left one w/ me that just won't go away. Beats the one RB left me over the ESP's from back in the mid 90's by a very nasty level. That being said, do you have a Ewing near by? The internet may require a 7page disertation on your life to set up an account, but take a card into your local branch and they will take your money. I promise :) I prefer one of the other dealers here in my area. Parts guy that if he doesn't know, will find out for me and has been in the buisness long enough to know most of the answers to my questions. He is also savy enough to have that odd part in stock that nobody else seems to have. If you need two and it's a rare bird, your still toast, but if you just got to have one........he has one hid back there and will order the replacement so it is there next time. Ewing is a wierd duck as far as I'm concerned. I'm not a frequent shopper, but rummor is/was that they swept the floor in this district about this time last year. Hey, it was a tough time for everyone and it didn't let up until now. A lot of big guys fell out or nearly got pitched by the combo of weather and economy that stuck this part of the world.
    One more thing about Nelson rotors, even if they didn't have the track record that they do.......have you ever adjusted an all nelson install? It looks simple, but there is more play in that set mechanism than in anybody else's. You have to let them hit the stops manually and if you don't, they can be 15 degrees or better off. You will lose your savings quickly just in the final adjustment phase of install. I normally figure 10-12 min per head to adjust them, you can do it in half that if you've been playing with them a lot, but they take time to get used to and to get used to triping them back quickly to get a good hit on the stop again when you have to adjust. A PGP or I-20 can be dry set "close enough" and less than 3min / zone if the customer is picky. The CR500 that I like adjusts maybe a tad quicker, not much, but maybe just a bit. RB rotors are easier than Nelson but still take more time than the others. Better have 5min on that test cycle to adjust a zone and you still might not get it done.
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    Nelson of Peoria and Nelson of Walla Walla are two different companies.

    Walla Walla was/is an ag irrigation company and they make the Big Gun sprinklers and traveling reels.

    Nelson of Peoria is the landscape irrigation company - makers of the 6000 and other heads of questionable reliability.

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