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    hello everyone,

    I need a little help, i have been using a ganular fert. for the past 4 years, and have dicided to go to liquid this year. I found a product called Grow More 27-9-18 water soluble the guy said it was good stuff but could not help me witth the mixing ratio. On the bag it said to mix 1-2 lbs in 10-20 gal. to cover 1000 sq. ft.. I want to up the lbs of fert and lower the amount of water. I am spraying at a rate of 1.5 gal. per minute.has anyone used this product or anything simular. and if so what is your mixing ratio. I'm trying to achieve a rate so i will be applying around 1 lbs of actual nitro. per 1000 sq.ft.

    please help!!!!!! the rate i have been mixing it at was 100lbs of product in 200 gals of water and spraying approx. 75000 sq.ft, and my yards are not growing so good.


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    Based on 1 lb of actual N, you would need 3.7 lbs of product per 1000 sqft. (1 divided by .27 equals 3.7).

    Assuming you can cover 1000 sqft per minute, using 1.5 gallons, you need to mix 2.5 lbs of the product per each gallon of water. (3.7 divided by 1.5 gal per 1000 equals 2.46).

    I hope the fertilizer contains plenty of slow-release nitrogen.....

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