mixing spray for the z spray

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. ant

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    for the z spray..
    if i am mixing 3 way at a rate of 1 oz per m using the 1/3 gal per m nozzles .

    1 oz x 3 = 3oz of three way needed in 1 gal of water or 3 oz of three way with 1 gal water (125 oz water plus 3 oz three way = 128 oz)(like the perm a green)
  2. Runner

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    Your rate applied per M equals the total amount of material. So, you would mix it p to equal the gallon as a total. Therefore, cut your water just short to equal the total gallon WITH the concentrate. Otherwise, you will end up with a weaker mix (131 oz.) Also, don't forget,...thisa isn't going to be dead on, because you always have overlap and such. Just like the Permagreen...they say it (8 gal. tank) covers 34,000 sq. ft.. In all actuality, it doesn't.
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    I figure it this way. With the nozzles you have 1/3 oz a k you can do 60 k. So i take the herb. rate say 1 oz a k for example or 60 oz of herb. i also use the lower rate on all products and get great results. hope this helps Harvestman

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