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  1. Hodge

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    Interested if anybody is using Barricade mixed with another product ??? that is as effective for broadleaf control:confused:
  2. Barricade is a pre em, what are you going to mix it with?


    What do you want post control also?
  3. Hodge

    Hodge LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sorry for such a general question. Well since Barricade is a pre-m then thats not what I am looking for. Looking for a product that either can be mixed or by itself that is able to control grasses and the major (dandelions) broadleaf weeds in a post emergence control.

    Have been doing some reading on the product labels and I am looking at Image (nutgrass) and now Drive 75 (or something similar). The grasses the weeds are in are warm season (Bermuda) and the problems are mostly poa anna, dandelions, dallis grass some crab Grass (smooth)....:dizzy:
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