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    Quick question... First off I use Lesco chemical's so i'm going to use Lesco brand names here.

    I have about 25 gallons of Momentum mixed in my tank leftover from some more severe lawns and want to add another 100 gallons to my tank and use 3-way for the rest of my treatments this fall. If I add 100 gallons of water to my tank that already has 25 gallons of Momentum mixed, is that going to "water down" that momentum?

    I would just spray out that remaining 25 gallons, but the job I have left is all at one location and I hate to spray 25 gallons then turn around and come back to the shop, add 100 gallons, turn around and drive back.

    [For those of you that don't use Lesco products, Momentum is 2/4 D with Triclopyr, 3-way is just 2/4 D]
  2. RigglePLC

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    Momentum also has floroxypyr,
    and Three way contains 2,4-D, Mcpp and dicamba. Very mysterious and difficult problem.
    Naturally, you would not dilute the 2,4-d, but you would dilute the other two products. And also slightly dilute the remaining two products in the Three-way. But most of them have a similar mode of action, that is, they overwhelm the growth regulating hormones of the weed plant. I am guessing, but I would say go ahead and add enough Three-way to match the 100 new gallons you are adding. If you want to be sure to get good kill--use the Three-way at maximum rate.
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    Why not just mix up your cocktail with the 25gals. you have.....THEN start, anew?
  4. RigglePLC

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    Exactly--so you would start out with 125 gallons of solution.

    But of course you could start out by adding just 75 gallons of new solution and pretend the Momentum wasn't even present. You would be over the limit for 2,4-D possibly.
  5. jasontimm

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    But not enough to give you any negitive results, Do what Riggle says, you'll be fine.

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