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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Moose's Mowing, May 2, 2012.

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    Here's a few more. Mowing around that tree is a PITA. It's got large, exposed roots through out an area about 15 feet in diameter. They're too high to get the walk behind anywhere near them so it all gets whipped. And another one of that little sun room I'm doing. I gotta get that thing finished, it's been a thorn in my side for awhile now.



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  2. Moose's Mowing

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    here's some more of my "new" (to me) equipment.

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    The barn looks awsome, would like to have one of that size but my area wouldn't have it. Would like to know why no cement was poured to keep it in place? won't sink eithier?
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    those are two separate barns. the tan/red one is mine, the other one where my truck is, is at my parents place. I do all my wrenching and fab work at his place since he has a slabbed floor. My tan/red barn is a pole building with a stone floor. It's built on 6x6 posts stuck in the ground. each hole has 6" of cured concrete, then the post is set on top of that, then buried in more concrete. Each post hole is 36-40" deep. it ain't going anywhere. As far as no cement for a floor, I ran outta $$ I have more pics but it won't allow me to post.
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    well here's a little update on my pic/work thread. I'm up to 20 something accounts but planning to scale back for this fall due to my full time job. Since last year I've added snow removal to my services as well as brush mowing. I picked up a used Kioti LB1914 compact. 4x4, diesel, turf tires, 18 hp at the PTO. I have a back blade, a scoop, rear finish mower, brush hog, and some other 3 point stuff for it. no loader unfortunately. I also upgraded to a bigger trailer, a Little Wonder walk behind blower, and a Stihl BR600.

    Here's a link to some brush mowing videos. (Turn the volume down)

  7. Moose's Mowing

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    Had some spare time today so I did a quick photo shoot of some of my stuff. I'm no photographer......

    From left to right is a Kubota B3030 with a 5' brush mower, A Scag 36" WB Advantage deck, my new Tiger Cat 61" Velocity with bagger, couple stihl handhelds and blowers, a Kioti LB1014 with a finish mower and in the back is an 04 Chevy 2500 with a Meyers 7.5' plow setup with E60 pump and a piece of crap 16' trailer. The trailer will be getting overhauled this winter or I might just sell it and get something a bit nicer. Whichever ends up being cheaper for me. There's some other stuff that's camera shy like 3 Stihl saws, some random 3 point attachments, a walk behind blower and I'm sure some other junk I'm forgetting. All my hand tools ride in the truck bed and tool boxes, but I try not to work those too hard LOL








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    Here's a few more



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    Your stuff looks great man good job, thinking about trying a stihl blowers out, like my redmaxs to death but on occasion i go off track, hope your season is going well!:usflag:
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    I don't think you'd be upset if you get a BR600. I wish I had gotten it sooner, that was my only mistake. I had a BR550 before hand and that wasn't worth a crap. I was complaining about it on here and somebody told me about Stihl's one or two week replacement deal. So I returned/traded it back to the dealer for the br600. This has been my best season as far as work goes. Got plenty of rain for mowing and I landed a bunch of other misc work. Did well on power washing and mulch and I added brush mowing this year. That was a great investment. The first job paid for the mower. I actually was turning away work this year. I just do this part time and I'm mainly a solo outfit unless I need the extra help. I'm hoping for a good season with snow though. Last year I added snow plowing serivice and plowed one time. That hit me pretty hard financially so I'd like to make that up this year.

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