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MN Guys - Buying Fert/Weed Control Products

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by JContracting, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. tdkx

    tdkx LawnSite Member
    Messages: 65

    "Why will they be going up?"

    2,4D prices have been steadily increasing this summer do to demand from overseas. At least that is what NuFarm told me and it seems to be true. You have to remember that many of the core components of most herbicides all come from the same source and many times that source is overseas itself. Many factors can be involved in price fluctuation and that is why profitable companies in the LCO business often switch vendors.

    Why would they switch vendors? Because they bid the season on contract and swings in the price of product dictate the profit margins.
  2. spronk1

    spronk1 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 56

    I know this is a somewhat older thread but I have had very good luck using both Reinders and Greenlife supply

    Reinders is located in Plymouth - I work with Joe Churchill, very freindly and good customer service

    Greenlife supply is located in Burnsville - Peter Fanjul or Scott Thorne, these guys are extremely knowledgeable with both tree and turf care and products. They have actively worked in the field their entire life. Not just salesman.

    Pricing is very competetive between the two. The more you buy the better the rates get due to pallet pricing breaks. I just picked up some 25-0-5 Proscapes with 50% slow release and 10% Sulfer for $18.35/bag at Greenlife supply. and some 20-0-5 50% slow and 11% sulfer for $16.35

    Been working with both of these companies for 4 years now. Will never again go to JDL/Lesco. Customer service at the one in Edina was a joke.

  3. JContracting

    JContracting LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,878

    Thanks, ill keep reinders in mind, as they are closer to my area.
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  4. ryde307

    ryde307 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 540

    We buy from fertimix out of Jordan. They custom blend to your specs. Decent pricing and fair to work with. We have talked to a few others this season also but not switching yet.

    JDL is way overpriced in terms of fert and chemicals in my opinion. If you need a small amount of something here or there it can be convinient (SP?). We do buy irrigation supplies from them and with hydrologic gone JDL pricing is pretty good. They also have most of Hydrologics staff now that are very helpful and knowledgable.
    Edina also just turned over there staff and it is much better.

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