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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jhakarter, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. jhakarter

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    Up here in MN we have quite a bit of lawn mold starting to appear as the snow melts.. I have heard once the grass turns green it could kill the grass if still there? Just kind of curious if this is true, and what can be done to a yard to get rid of the mold? I think I have a grasp on what can be done, but being fairly new to this business I haven't really ever had to deal with actual lawn mold. Thanks for the help
  2. green_mark

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    This is the worst amount of snow mold I have seen since I started in 1986.

    The university (Bob Mugas) says this will go away and in the past it always has.

    However, we have been inspecting lawns and I have concerns at this point.

    All I can say is we are keeping an eye on it and are telling the customers to do the same. I have a feeling this is not going to be a normal year and a lot of spring renovations may be necessary.

    Just keep an eye on it.
  3. tombo82685

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    lawn molds, im assuming your talking pink and gray snow molds. Their are things you can do to help prevent it in the fall like, spraying a fingicide. If you don't hace access to that dont fertilize to heavy to push the top growth and make sure you mow one last time after the lawn has stopped growing. From what i learned in school, the pink snow mold is worse then gray snow mold, in which it will actually kill the grass infected. If you have grass that has been killed the best to do is to rake out the matted dead area and re seed it before weeds take over the bare spot. Unfortunately, like the disease triangle states their is always going to be 2 of the three things present in the lawn. The constants are the pathogen and the host, the variable is the environment which produces the pathogen to infect the host.
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Yes, worst I have seen (grey snow mold) since I moved here 5 years ago.
    My whole front lawn was spotted with mold, which I since raked out.
    I may overseed it soon just in case.
  5. mzgloves20

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    Does yours look like this? I have never really seen a condition like this in this area. This winter was brutal here. It has not snowed this much since I was a kid. I installed this and the next two neighboring yards several years ago. This is the only one that has this.

    The grass blades are dry and crumbly on top but the roots don't pull out.
    Would like to make sure what this is.

    Picture 024.jpg

    Picture 025.jpg

    Picture 027.jpg
  6. tombo82685

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    yup, that looks the same here on the other side of the state, maybe not as bad, but the same.
  7. mzgloves20

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    So, if it is snow mold and I replace the bad areas, will the homeowner be able to continue their routine fertilizer program after the new grass comes in or are there things that should not be put on the grass that may be "infected"? Is it advisable to treat the existing grass with the fungicide now and re-seed?
  8. RigglePLC

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    No need for fungicide (except last fall). Fungus disappears when temp gets above 40. This is probably ryegrass. (What exact type of seed was used?) However I suggest it will come back on its own from the roots and crowns. Rake in some new--dark green higher quality seed--sow one of the disease-resistant ryes like "Amazing", "Manhattan V" or "Blazer IV".

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