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    I got stopped today for the first time this year (last year 3 times) on 169 & 81 in Osseo. An unmarked BP cop came flying up on me when I was S. bound on 169 coming up to Brooklyn Blvd. I knew exactly what it was for since this intersection is a hot spot for CVI (comm'l vehicle inspection) to do inspections, and I knew I didn't break any traffic laws. The cop claims I didn't have my seat belt on and my windows were tinted to dark and he couldn't see in the windows when I pass him! How BS was that since my windows ARE NOT EVEN TINTED!!! And, I HAD my seat belt on, I even took it off when I reached into my pocket when he asked for my DL!!!! WTF, I think he was just looking for PC (probable cause) to pull me over. After arguing with him on the side of the road about the seat belt he tells me to follow him back to the old park and ride at the intersection of 169/81 across from Osseo meats so the CVI inspector can DOT my rig. When we get there, their was already 2 other trucks being checked, a box truck and a 3/4 Ton Chevy with a 18' enclosed trailer. I get out and ask the guy with the trailer what he got stopped for and he told me for not wearing his seat belt! Then the cop tells me to go sit back in my truck and wait for him. He (cop) comes back and says that the CVI inspector remembered me from last year and says we (me and the CVI) were "old buddies". I had it out with the CVI last year when he pulled me over in front of one of my comm'l properties and I passed with flying colors. To make a long story short, I passed AGAIN and was let go. The guy with the Chevy wasn't so fortunate, when I drove by about an hr later his truck and trailer was still sitting there, must have got red tagged.

    Make sure you guys have all your Sh*t together cuz they are cracking down on "landscapers" was what I was told. Good Luck!:drinkup:

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