Mobil 1 Vtwin 20w50


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Mobil 1 Vtwin 20-50. The oil is designed for air cooled v twins so it should work a little better than standard oil. The bottle states that it is perfect for high heat and sustained rpm. What do you guys think?


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great, but air cooled engnines call for 0w30, or 10w30, or 40 depending on operating temps.

why the 20w50? that is hydro oil

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I remember reading some VOA breakdowns of that oil on Since it is NOT intended for a modern car with a catalytic converter it has higher amounts of ZDDP anti wear in it. I believe it would be ideal in an air cooled motor. Being synthetic it will flow faster than a a straight 30wt.

In the past Mobil 1 15w-50 many moons ago before the later generation ‘catalytic converter friendly specs” it was fairly close to the 20w-50 V twin oil. The last I heard a few years back was M1 15w-50 still had higher ZDDP levels over any other Mobile 1 synthetic. To get current info on this oil you would have to look for test results on

The High Mileage Mobil 1 oils also typically had more of the good stuff in there as well.


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It doesn't make it better if it was made for the Queen Marry II.

Not many lawn equipment that needs that thick of an oil.
Oil to thick makes hard starting, and for those that complain about how their mower is a gas hog, heavier then required viscosity lowers MPG.

Then we have to include that an oil that is to heavy will not flow the same and you can wind up with poorer lubrication.


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i think that's just intended for motorcycles. they require different oil than car and lawnmower engines. i remember i had to buy a certain kind of oil for my atv i had. you couldn't just use mobil 1 off the shelf at walmart in it. actually even motorcycle and atv oils are different since alot of atvs have a wet clutch. the motorcycle oils had moly additive and the atv oils didn't. those motorcycle oils are alot more expensive as well. i would just use the standard mobil 1 10w30 or something like amsoil. those will be fine for a mower.

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If you want something that's specially formulated for air cooled engines, and is the proper viscosity, AND is synthetic look at Amsoil! They have a specific air cooled engine oil that I've been using now for several seasons and I love it! My Kohlers use almost ZERO oil in 100 hours, and if you know Kohlers you know that's saying something! I use it in all of my small engines. I also use Amsoil in my trucks.

No I'm not a salesman either. I was HIGHLY skeptical of it at first, seems more like "snake oil" because of how it's sold and advertised, but after trying it I found I like it better than Mobil-1, and if you get a "commercial acount", which is free for business owners, you buy at dealer cost which puts the price really close to what mobil-1 costs at the store.