mobile irrigation hose size


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I hope this is in the correct section if not I apologize. I'v got a portable irrigation system. I'm looking for input on what is recommended to use for the different water supply hoses. We been using 3/4" hose 4 feet long to get from the faucet to the water valves. then we use 3\4" from the water valve to the first water sprinkler. Then 5\8" hose for the rest of the water sprinklers. The main question i'm looking for n answer to is do I have to have a 3\4" lead hose coming from the house faucet to my irrigation valves? Hope this isn't confusing to anyone. Thank you in advance.


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Hoses have an incredible amount of friction loss as water flows through. The larger the pipe , the less the friction loss there is (depending on demand) . In your case- 4' is probably negligible from 3/4" to 5/8" . However there is no dis-benefit for having a larger pipe- Reducing down when you factor in several components may have a disadvantage to the end result of your sprinkler.