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Is the mobile version of lawnsite working for everyone? When I try to log on from my blackberry, it goes to the regular site, which is NOT phone friendly by any means lol.


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My iphone did that the other day, It went back to mobile view after I clicked on a thread though.

Turf Dawg

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I sent a PM to one of the mods with a link to this thread, so maybe we will here something back soon. I know it is driving me crazy.

Boy, I must be a addict


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Yea, its driving me nuts, I CONSTANTLY have my phone in my hand looking at lawnsite, now I am stuck with just craigslist and facebook. Hope it gets fixed soon!


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Jackson, NJ
is there a special site for the mobile version? I've never had a mobile version on my droid, just the regular.

Michael J. Donovan

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Pittsburgh, PA
I am having it checked into by the web technicians...will let you know as soon as I know

thanks for your patience