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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by M & MD Lawn, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Pretty sure the hero is old enough you really don't have that option. Even if you did you usually have to subscribe to the "hotspot" plan from sprint, which is an extra $25.

    There are lots of ways to "hack" phones to make them into hotspots but if tech isn't your thing it's a lot of hoops to jump through.

    Finally all that uses a lot of battery. Here are the best ways to get data to your laptop.

    1. Andriod or iphone with "hotspot" feature for extra $25
    2. Separate stand alone hotspot. usually an extra $50/mo
    3. Verizon iPad 3 which includes data on the iPad plus the hotspot feature for $25 (I just heard this so verify with Verizon)

    Hope that helps PM me if you need extra info
  2. OakNut

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    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

    1. An iphone isn't going to happen.
    Yes, the Hero I have I got 2 years ago, and I'm about ready for an upgrade if I choose to - depends on how much I have to cough up to get a "better" phone.
    2. $50/mo isn't going to happen.
    3. Verizon can blow me. :D

    Meh. I'll just use the laptop for scheduling and maybe get a portable printer for leaving invoices and such.
  3. ptjackson

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    just checked on the sprint site. They have lots of android phones with the mobile hotspot for free(still monthly fee) and up from there, $19, $49, $99, $199 I had the EVO at one time and it did the hotspot.

    But there are $99 iphone 4's now. i only say that for two reasons, I won't give up my iphone now. Andriod drove me nuts, with it's crashing all the time. The second is ServiceVines is coming out with an iPhone app soon and without a iPhone you can't use my app :) j/k but really get the iPhone.....
  4. GreenI.A.

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    I run the hotspot with an Android phone, the Cassio Commando. It's $20 a month, but I'm grandfathered in for the unlimited plan before verizon got rid of the unlimited packages. On my last android phone, the first generation of androids before hotspots, I had the PDAnet App, where I could use a USB to MicroUSB cable to connect the phone staight to the computer and use the phone as a modem. That was free and just used my phones data. From what I understand with verizon the only option is to use the app they offer for the phone hotspot at $20 a month.
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    I have a verizon iphone...imhave the 'tethering' or 'hotspot' option at 20.00 per month
  6. M & MD Lawn

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    When did the sprint plan go up to 25.00 dollars? Last time I checked it was like 10.00 and that was September when I got my Photon I believe.
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    Well update guys, got a iPad now truck is still set up with the computer but I think I am going iPad ......apps?? I have found a few on my own and did a search on here but any of you have any that work well?
  8. Duekster

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    Virgin Moble has some decent pay as you go data plans. You can buy the cards at WM with fixed amounts of data and then recharge them online as needed.
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    I work on irrigation systems and have done a lot of lawn-care work. So as far as this set-up goes I'm not sure how it would work with lawn care as much as irrigation work.

    I use an Ipad2-wi-fi only.
    A cheap hp airprint printer. got mine on the walmart website for around 60.00/ also bought a small inverter.
    Also from walmart I got a wireless hotspot called internet on the go which is the best deal for wireless internet, now mind you its not the fastest but it is good enough to connect the printer and ipad.

    As far as apps go, I use SERVICEM8. It has an app for the iphone/ipad and it also is a cloud based program. Its pretty awesome for service work. If you haven't heard of it before go check it out.
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    Convert clients to contract or bill monthly and e-mail all the bills through can track them and see who has viewed bills and when paid...accept credit cardws and get all clients to fill out an authirization form and you could charge their card at the end if day or week.

    Geta tablet so you can keep up with email during day..etc..I'd answer calls and emails at the end if day Not when working

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