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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KirbysLawn, Jan 29, 2002.

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    Hey Lawrence Stone. A real lawn guy doesn't own a hand held blower.:D He also has a foreman to do most of his dirty work so he can do the things he has to do, like run a buisness.
    Anyway, Kirby. I love the Division Bell tribute and the laptop. I think I am going to get a printer for mine. Who says lawn guys can't go high tech?:cool:
  3. KirbysLawn

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    Hey Stone. We have different criteria here for lawn guys than you evidently. Here it is more important for us to understand how to care for lawn than how dirty or old our truck is. I think:
    • A real lawn guy can identify crabgrass.
    • A real lawn guy can identify Poa Annua.
    • A real lawn guy should understand soils pH.
    • A real lawn guy knows how to apply Barricade without sterilizing his soil for a year.
    • A real lawn guy applies fertilizer for the benefit of the lawn and to meet nutritional requirements. Not applying half rates to slow growth, save money, and cheat their customers.

    I feel sorry for you customers (victims).


    Practice what you preach.
  4. Stonewall

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    What kind of inverter would you recommend? What size output as well?

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    Jonathan, you do not need a real big one to run a laptop, check out northern tool catalog, they have a bunch of them.
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    I use a 400 watt for my laptop, usually don't take it though, just have quick shutdown time to save batt. Cost $40.00 from Har. frgt
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    Yup, Linksys ALL THE WAY! I love mine! Got me the Wireless router/4 port switch box and a Instant Wireless series card for my laptop, Goes aong well with DSL internet connection! Ah, the wonders of no wires!:D

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    kirbyslawn has all the nice toys but where is the cup holder?
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    Does anyone else have any pictures to show us all what your mobile office looks like?

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