Mobile restroom?!?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Steve1130, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Steve1130

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    Hi everyone. I'm just hoping to get any ideas for a mobile bathroom. I don't know about you, but I drink close to 2 gallons of water daily which means I have to "water the lawn" ALOT! Lol. I've nearly been caught by a customer several times over the years, but they were luckily all just near misses. That changed the other day and I was throughly embarrassed! Luckily the customer laughed it off. Anyhow, I'm wondering if anyone out here has solved this problem? I have an open trailer, so I can't just stick an RV style toilet up there and hope for the best. Lol. I either need to build a little structure for it, or have some kind of pop up structure and keep it in the bed of my truck. The bed of the truck is actually preferable as I really can't afford to give up a 4'x4' area of my trailer. But I also don't want a 7' tall box standing in the bed of my truck. Lol. All the pop up structures I've found are cheap tent material that won't hold up and will also be a hassle. I've thought of building a flip down box so it's not so tall except for when you need it, but can't really think of a good solution for the door. Any ideas??
  2. KevinHartley

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    Probably the best option would be a truck camper... but kind of unrealistic.
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  3. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Gas stations, trees, dirt roads, anything other than in your customers yard. That’s about as unprofessional as it gets.
  4. RDALawns

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    I just use trees or hide behind my truck. But then again im from the south lol . It's kinda expected:nono:
  5. TPendagast

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    I’m having a hard time understanding people that can’t hold it until transporting to the next lawn?
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  6. Steve1130

    Steve1130 LawnSite Member
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    Yes, I've thought of the same thing before but I find it a little unrealistic as well. Would be cool to have a mobile kitchen though for lunch. Lol.
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  7. BigJlittleC

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    Why not just up grade to an enclosed?

    Or between house stop and take a leak at a public restroom.
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  8. Steve1130

    Steve1130 LawnSite Member
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    I agree, I do everything possible to go elsewhere. But the fact of the matter is that I'm human and I'm looking for a possible mobile solution. Just wanted ideas, not criticism. Maybe there's something wrong with my bladder, but I get to where I have to go 2 or 3 times in an hour and when doing mulitiple properties all on the same street, it becomes a necessity.
  9. Steve1130

    Steve1130 LawnSite Member
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    I'm thinking of doing that. Was just trying to look for any possible ideas because honestly I much prefer working out of the open trailer. And of course I use public restrooms in between. I'm talking more about emergencies, which occur more often than I'd like. Lol.
  10. BigJlittleC

    BigJlittleC LawnSite Gold Member
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    Sounds like you need to see a doctor if your having emergencies more often then not.
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