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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dripit good, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Dripit good

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    Since this (by far) is the smartest bunch, I need to ask you guys how you track your activity. Do you require your people to maintain daily logs documenting there comings and goings, along with all material used to be turned in at the end of the day? Then extract that information to generate your reports / billing / payroll / etc. :hammerhead: Or have you evolved into a more hi-tech system?

    I am researching several, from hand held PDA's to scanning systems. I would like to know any real world experiences or recommendations from users of these systems. We really need to change the way we do things.

    I am drowning in logs! :cry:
  2. Mike Leary

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    The bane of all tallies transfered to billing.
    In twenty five years, I went thru every field report from the
    crew, fitting by fitting. Guess how how many parts missed the
    tally sheets? I tried to have my guys tally before backfill,
    failed have to have enough a grip to know
    what was missing from the tally before you lose your arse.
  3. hoskm01

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    Wish I could say I like it from experience, but...

    After working for the PD for years, I like to have minute by minute tracking of time of dispatch, enroute, arrival and clear. There are a few "service" programs out there that will do just that, with PDA applications for Windows Mobile 5.,6. and etc. We are using QuickBooks mobile now without the exacting time requirement which may come int he future. PDA with mobile net access is the way to go though. Helps with routing and the like also.
  4. Dripit good

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    I'm pretty confident I have a tight grip on what's going in the ground, our irrigators are very thorough with their logs (plus my thumb is on the scale). It's the other divisions (plus our winter activity) that ball and chain me to my desk. The necessary data entry for reports, allocations, site analysis, inventory, etc. etc. downstream of the initial log processing is what's really bogarting my time.

    My main goal is for all employees to go paperless. Downloading all of someones activity into the server at the end of the day, generating all desired reports in an instant is appealing and quite necessary at this stage of our evolution. (Not to mention the accuracy gained)
  5. Flow Control

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    We started using Hindsite this year and it has been everything we wanted, so far.
  6. DanaMac

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    I think we had discussed this about 12-24 months ago. I looked for it using a search but can't find it.

    I'm reluctant to give my guys PDAs or laptops. #1 tech doesn't have a computer and rarely uses one. #2 tech has very limited computer skills. and as wet and dirty as we get I am afraid they would get broken, damaged, dropped, left somewhere, etc.

    Once again, we are always so rushed to get to the next job, that even I wouldn't enter the info after each job. And sometimes don't do it at the end of each day. But I hear ya, entering all the service call receipts and invoices for three of us can get tiring.
  7. Dripit good

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    Thanks ICS. Looks very comprehensive. Viewing their demo was a little painful though.

    It looks like a good solution and system for service work, but I'm not sure it would apply to the variety of activity we complete year round. Further investigation will tell.

    Thank you again.

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