Mod 72 or 60 ZTR for new job ? steep/mud

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Realslowww, Feb 21, 2014.

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    I have 2 ZTR's that are Super Z pre hyper D XR7, I have a job that has real steep inclines and they are adding more work to it this year. I have been using the 72 and found it to be great because it is wide and does not want to flip over but they are adding much more area to be cut that is likely to be wet and a 72 gets stuck easier than a 60.

    I like 72's because they are fast and stable on hills but do get stuck easier and the drive is strained more, I am going to update 1 mower with repower with a BB motor and going to put high torque wheel motors on it with some kinda new tire arrangement 26's or rib 24's? or possibly dual 22's? but have not used the 60 in years because I like the 72 better for me but am wondering if moding the 60 out might be a better choice for a mower doing wet areas with steep inclines.

    This is interstate exit areas that only gets cut once a month and are real steep.

    Any input from people who use both 60 and 72 ZTR's would be great and know of the best mower to do this. Thanks for any help.
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    Never mind on the wheel motors because the surplus place that had the bargain wheel motors is out of them, I will run what I have until they fail and shop around in the mean time.

    The BB motors have jumped 400 $ in price this year as well, I had a feeling I should have boughten everything last season when I was buying parts then to do upgrades for this year..

    I got a bad feeling the good old days are long long and I mean long gone as far as bargain pricing goes.
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    I think I made a big mistake posting on this website to somebody you could get wheel motors for 179 from a surplus house.

    Last time I checked with them several months ago they had 400 or so and now when I called them to get some they were out.

    He claimed somebody bought them all, I wonder if word got out from this site and a manufacturer with a call for them bought them all up?

    They had them for like 3 years and then they were just gone, oh well you snooze you lose.
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    Steep & muddy, maybe a ZTR is not your best choice. Perhaps something 4 wheel drive with a rollover protection.
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    Thanks for posting, I do not want to spend alot of money and the 72 has worked great in conjuction with Hydro WB's but it gets stuck easy.

    A 60 I think is not as stable because it is not as wide? I went and inquired about a new ATZ Hustler and they do not make a 72 ATZ.

    I have not used a 60 in so long I forget what they are like, the 72 never and I mean never gave a hint as to wanting to flip over. It always just slides to the bottom, I really love 72's for me but I know a 60 will get stuck less for multiple reasons.

    The 72 with 26 inched ribbed tires and torque wheel motors would have been the bomb but I will not drop 1400 on new wheel motors. They were 169 a piece but the surplus place sold out.

    I don't think the stock old style Super drive can pull 26's on the 72 and the 26's would solve some of my getting stuck problem but the 60 drive may be able to handle the 26's better because the machine is lighter.

    The contract only pays about 25 to 30 thou a year so dropping all that cash on a new machine I do not believe is cost effective.

    I was looking of maybe a new 72 hyper with 26's and sell the other 2. The stock hyper is not designed for big hills but would probably be much better than the older system.

    I don't care what kind of mower I use as long as it does not break the bank and I can utilize it on other jobs, the newer Supers are 200 pounds heavier than the old model and that is a major disadvantage for doing slopes.

    Again thanks.

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