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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by BigTree, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Our Town requires commercial developments and other large developments to appropriately landscape - which they do. However, as the years go by and personnel change (including landscape maintenance contractors), the landscaping sometimes (on some properties - not all) tends to go downhill ending in very unsatisfactory landscaping. I would like to propose to the Town that they adopt a MODEL Landscape Maintenance Plan that has all the necessary elements to ensure that the landscaping is maintained in top notch condition in perpetuity. CAN YOU RECOMMEND A GOOD MODEL THAT OUR TOWN COULD ADOPT AND THAT DEVELOPERS COULD FOLLOW? Thanks.
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    Developers? As the years go by, the developers are long gone. Are you talking managed communities?..or individual homes? Individual home maint would be governed by local codes but the problem is that "top notch" is subject to interpretation...and fining the snot out of people cluless on how to care for plants doesn't work. It would have to be a minimum standard type thing that exists in most us towns. If your talking managed communities, I've seen 2 things in my time. First, if you feel your inner politician bursting to get out....go for a seat on the board. Make it YOUR business to deal with the landscape maint contractor. Keep in mind that most HOA boards or commities are full of azzholes with an axe to grind and absolutely nothing to gain or contribute other than stroking a raging ego. Second, there are landscape auditing companies you can hire to come in and do an impartial assesment. Brickman used to have a company come in from texas to audit J&J world headquaters. The deal was, we fail the audit (or score below a preset level) and J&J doesnt pay.....and it was a HUGE contract. Not sure if this is what you were looking for.....
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    This is probably the company you were talking about. They actually contract with the owner of the property/development and are the go-between the owner and the vendor (landscaper). They are strictly there to serve as a consultant that helps the owner retain the aesthetic value of the property, no matter who the vendor is. I actually wish I had that job.... Talk about EASY!! I critique landscapes all the time. However, if you have your stuff together and can work within their guidelines, they are your best friend! They constantly make recommendations to the owner for "Enhancements", thus consistently pushing projects through for you... $$$$!

    Unfortunately, a lot of vendors won't bid on these projects b/c of the standards you have to keep up with. As for this situation, I think it would be great to research them and possibly inquire about their services. Every company has their own standard, even companies like SIMON, etc. The "Benchmark Standards" vary from one to another... but you could very easily come up with something for your market. It may just take some research.
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    Thanks for the replies so far - but they do not seem to be along the lines of what I am looking for. I am looking for a scope of services that could be followed that would permit the landscaping to look as it was intended for future years. One MODEL that I have come across can be viewed at following link:

    Do you have any suggestions for other MODELS? Thanks.
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    It will never work. What you are asking for is a business plan/contract...who would give that away? The thing about it is, it is nature and every site, city, town, house, yard , plant, year, day is not the same. It is not like a solid object......landscapes change all the time. I dont think your court system could sustain such a "law."
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    Sometimes I wonder? Over thirty-five years of landscape, maintenance, and retail garden center. There is always a solution. I have not seen a lot of models for expectations of the landscape, however this does look like it can be a great starting point. Finding something specific to your area and community needs would be very difficult. As a contractor and the sales person on the site my job is two fold. To offer you parameters that you are satisfied with, ie: 3 geraniums in each entryway planter $44.00 or 2 petunias in each entryway planter $22.00 etc. These parameters can be worked out throughout the landscape. At this time it is also important that I express to you wether these parameters are attainable by my company at the price we agree upon. As it said on the tutorials website these programs are a guide of things to look for and talk about with your contractor, or prospective contractor. Even more important to me is that these guides are talked about with the members who are affected by the Landscape Model "The residents" Remember everyone needs to agree with the expectations and wether they can be accomplished or not in your area. And within your budget.

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