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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mrk'sLawn, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Mrk'sLawn

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    I'm thinking of having my trailer modified for higher side and front attachments. My gate is 4' If I have can build up the sides and the front It can double for hauling brush and small trees that are cut. Anyone ever do this to their trailer. Mine is a small 5x10' The guy who welded my trimmer racks is into custom work and said he could do it for not much money. Just wondering if anyone else has done or thought a bout this..?
  2. BSDeality

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    i put a couple 2" recievers on my trailer to hold one of those hitch haulers. I use it for holding blowers,gas cans, etc. then I can take it off If I need to by pulling one pin. I have a side gate and custom trimmer racks on the other side. I haul brush on it quite often and the gate does a good job of holding it in on the passenger side and the trimmer racks on the other side do well too.
  3. ed2hess

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    I would not raise the sides all the way around because that makes getting on and off the trailer difficult. The previous post was good...put trimmer rack on one side and a blower cage on front and leave driver side open. The only reason I would build up the sides to around 4 ft. if I had a security problem.
  4. TheYardBoys

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    i would say that having the side all the way up would get in my way but I would build them up a foot or so.
  5. redoak77

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    you could have 4 foot sides that are hinged horizontally at 2 feet so you could fold the top half down when you dont need it. I dont know how feasible that is but it sounds like a ob for ur custom welder.
  6. Audrey

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    I use plywood that way I can remove it when I want to go back to normal. I use big U bolts to go around the posts that support my top rail to hold the plywood on. You can use threaded rod and make your own.

    I like things that can pull double duty, without having to commit. Hmmmm....kind of like a wife and a mistress...
    Anyway, I can dedicate the entire trailer to mulch when I have the sides on. Take them off, and I can pile tree limbs as high as needed and still ratchet them down. Nothing says you couldn't have two heights of sides either. Two complete sets depending on what you're doing. For instance, I have a set that's 2 feet high. That's really nice for a reaching over the top for mulch. They're just 1/2" plywood. I can get 5 yards easy on a 16'. If you need more in one shot, put the bigger sides on and unload from your gate end.

    Paint them up real nice on the outside and you now have signage also. :)

  7. B2E

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    I have built 3' plywood sides for my 18' trailer, easy on easy off and it's an 8,000 lb trailer. I have also converted my other trailer from side load to rear load, lengthened it by 4' moved the axle back 30", added 12" expanded metal sides, a 2" front tie down bar and a deep aluminum truck tool box.
    I am fortunate though, my son is a welder by trade, and I can also weld, and my brother gets employee pricing from a large steel wholesale distributer. I did all of this for less than $300. (already had the toolbox)
    With steel prices going through the roof any modifications will be expensive. One thing to keep in mind when you add sides, a small load of brush wont cause a problem. But the temptation to put a load of mulch, dirt, stone etc... can be a real problem. Thats why I used the 3/4" expanded metal, on the small trailer, can't haul small particle material, it falls through.

    Keep your trailers maximum load weight in mind.
  8. Mrk'sLawn

    Mrk'sLawn LawnSite Member
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    Can anyone post some pictures of their trailers and the mods they have done on them? I am worried about max weight on the trailer. I can beef it up but if I exceed max weight I can run into problems. Also, how difficult would it be to increase the max weight on the trailer? What mods would I have to do for that? It's really a crumby trailer.. Lowes junk.. I have the guy that does my welding cutting off the sharp corners. My 2 year old runs around that thing and doesn't pay attention at all. If he hit one of those corners we would be in the ER all afternoon.. I should have went with the double axle from the get go.. Thanks all..:usflag:
  9. Audrey

    Audrey LawnSite Senior Member
    from Pa.
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    You can increase the weight a little, but at what cost? There comes a time when it's going to be cost prohibitive. IMHO, it's putting good money after bad.

    For now, I would hang with what you have if you can. Save up, then go get the dual axle. 2K should cover a basic 14/16/18 ft. Depending on what you do, another 1000-1500 for mods.

    A pitch for a longer, as opposed to shorter trailer: a 16ft trailer can haul a car if need be, more mulch per load, more brush per load, more room for equipment expansion, 16ft lumber (decks) can be transported, two lengths of plywood end to end, and last but certainly not least... the longer the trailer, the easier to back up. I wish I would have bought an 18 foot instead of 16.

    Get a brake controller from the start. With a bigger trailer, you will be suprised at what you will haul (or at least try to) on there. I've done everything from filling it way too high with firewood, a Dodge Durango, my own towing pickup, a skid steer, a 10lb. Parrott Rifle and limber, countless safes, and 2 11ft x 36" oak logs off to the saw mill. In addition to the endless furniture moves and other work related fun things to do... :laugh: I'm sure there's other weird stuff I've forgotten about over the years. But my point is: spend the extra hundered and be safe.

    Wait until you see how many friends you have with a bigger trailer! You thought you had them now huh? Get a pool while you're at it! You'll be the greatest guy in the family and in the neighborhood. :D :laugh:


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